Newcastle Diet Review

Newcastle Diet Review


Updated on Apr 30, 2019

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The Newcastle Diet comes from research that was done at the University by the same name, Britain’s Newcastle University. This research involved 11 specific test subject patients who had Type 2 diabetes and were therefore placed on a severe calorie restrictive diet. After two months of being on the diet, seven of the 11 subjects were regarded as diabetes free. Because of this success, the Newcastle Diet was born.

The basic premise of the diet is to be on an 800 calorie per day diet, 600 of which will come from a special liquid meal replacement shake. This meal replacement, called the Optifast shake, is a special blend of 46.4% carbohydrates, 32.5% proteins, and 20.1% fat. The other 200 calories come from a mix of non-starchy vegetables.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Newcastle Diet?

Dieters on the Newcastle Diet will absolutely lose weight. However, this will not be due to any magical formula, and it won’t even be because of the shake. It will solely be due to the fact that the diet itself only consists of 800 daily calories, 600 of which come from a liquid. This is only a third, or less, of many everyday diets. So, short-term weight loss is a lock, but long-term is questionable once a dieter goes back to an even semi-normal level of food consumption.

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Is the Newcastle Diet Easy to Follow?

The Newcastle Diet is easy to follow as far as the rules go because all a participant has to do is drink a couple shakes, eat some vegetables and call it a day. However, that task is going to be easier said than done. First and foremost, the level at which daily calories are cut is extremely low. In addition, the calories that are allowed are mostly liquid calories. So, cravings will likely be a daily occurrence.

Another issue with the Newcastle Diet is exercise. Because the daily caloric intake of the Newcastle Diet is so low, exercising is not the safest thing to do. The human body is not meant to stress itself out with exercise unless it gets a certain level of calories in addition to what it needs to simply survive. Therefore, those who are used to working out on a daily basis will probably not have much luck with the diet.

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The Newcastle Diet is one that should only be done under the direct supervision of a doctor. In fact, the 11 test subjects that were previously mentioned were all actually under such supervision. This is vital as the daily caloric intake is so low and because so many of the calories just come from liquid.

Additionally, the cost of the diet is not cheap by any means. Optifast shakes cost $80 for a case of 27. Consuming two shakes a day means a participant would need more than two cases to make it through a month of the Newcastle Diet, or just over $160 for a month. With safety and cost both factors, the Newcastle Diet is a diet that might be better left alone.

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  1. i started this diet 2 weeks ago using the “shake that weight” guide. i start with 45g oats with skimmed milk for breakfast, protein drink for lunch, and a shake that weight noodle meal with a side of veg, also 3 ltrs of water a day and i have lost about 20lb. i am doing this diet hopefully to reverse my type 2 diabetes.

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