5 Foods That May Help You Lose Weight

Reading Time: 3 minutesMost of us know what we should be eating and doing to keep our bodies trim, but that doesn’t mean that we’re able to do them. We’re living in a world where many of us are overweight, despite the fact that more health information is available than ever. A lot of this is because we end up stuck in a rut- eating food that is convenient rather than tasting nice or actually give our body any decent nutrition.

The good news is that if you’re overweight or simply want to start eating foods that are good for your body, then there are lots of tasty goods that you can fill your body with. Not only are these fantastic choices for your overall health but they’re good for helping you drop pounds too.


It might sound dull, but if you create this in the right way then it can actually taste lovely. Rather than thick creamy soups, you want to try and fill your body with soups that are more like a broth. These are so easy to make. Simply chop up as many vegetables as you would like and cook them until they are super soft. You want to leave them for a few hours or overnight if you can. You can then get rid of some of the excess water (although you’ll want to leave some for the actual broth), season with salt and pepper and it is ready to reheat and be enjoyed. This can be eaten on its own as a healthy snack or with fresh cooked fish or meat as your main meal. Not only is this really good for your health because you’re packing your body full of vegetables, but it’s really filling and stops you from being tempted to eat foods that are not good for you.

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Coconut Oil (Extra Virgin)

When you look into what coconut oil can do, you’ll be amazed! Extra virgin coconut oil is popular amongst people who like to make homemade beauty products because it is amazing for hair and skin. As it is packed full of lauric acid (found in breast milk naturally) it is also a fantastic oil to cook with. It holds a great stable heat when cooking and is much better for you than other cooking oils out there.

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Many people are still under the impression that diet food has to be bland but that is not the case at all. Cinnamon has a lovely sweet taste to it so it can be added to other foods to brighten up their taste a little. However as a bonus, cinnamon is actually really good for our bodies. When we add cinnamon to our diet it helps our body to regulate blood sugars, which is essential for when we are trying to lose weight.

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If you ever look into detox plans then lemons will always rank quite highly in must-have ingredients. For starters lemons have such a strong flavour so they can be used to make glasses of water much more tasty and tempting. However they help to alkalize our bodies which is great for weight loss. Many people choose to have a few slices of lemon in a glass of water when they wake up as it is a fantastic way to get metabolism working hard  – which is a fantastic way to give our bodies our weight loss boost.

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It will come as no surprise that if we want to lose weight and eat healthier then vegetables should be added to our diet. However, they are essential for keeping us feeling full and stopping us from eating foods that are bad for us. If you want to lose weight then make sure you have a fridge stocked full of fresh greens and vegetables. These can be used as part of main meals and as snacks throughout the day to make sure that we’re kept on the right food track as much as possible.

A lot of that will probably come as no surprise, because most of us know what we should be doing – but that doesn’t make it that easy.

One of the best things you can do is be organised, which will mean that you always have healthy snacks and meals on hand. Soups and broths can be prepared well in advance and even frozen if need be, so there is no need not to have a batch or two of these at hand. Get some stir fry vegetables in the fridge and cook these in some coconut oil and you’re well on your way to eating a much better diet and dropping those excess pounds that you have been so keen to get rid of!