5 Most Effective Exercises For Weight Loss

If you are like many who are ready to tackle weight loss head on, then you’ve probably joined a gym. Now, joining the gym is only the first step in an effective weight loss strategy and the rest comes with how you actually spend your time while at the gym. If you simply go to the gym and end up socializing your weight loss and fitness goals will likely fall well short of your expectations.

Here are the five best ways to spend that time so you can be sure you maximize your weight loss efforts:

Treadmill Rounds

Virtually every gym in America has a multitude of treadmills. While simply walking or running on a treadmill can prove to be boring, by incorporating something called treadmill rounds, you can jazz up your time on the treadmill and burn a bunch of calories in the process.

With treadmill rounds you use the treadmill for a specific amount of time to get your heart rate up and then do some quick floor exercises to get the burn in your body really going. For example, you might run at a good pace on the treadmill for 30 seconds straight and then get off and immediately do pushups and lunges. This keeps things fresh and allows you to switch up your routine all while making the treadmill the centerpiece of your workout.

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Kettlebell workouts are great as they allow you to burn a large amount of calories in a very short amount of time. Typically, you can expect to shed 400 calories for only a 20 minute workout routine with the kettlebell.

This is thanks in part to the kettlebelll not being like traditional weights at all. Unlike dumbbells, kettlebells do not evenly distribute their weight, which makes your body work harder in order to stabilize it. This makes it easy to get a great core workout as well as target some specific muscle groups. Best of all, if you are new to kettlebells you can often find a class featuring kettlebells at your local gym.

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Step Aerobics

Step aerobics have been a standard in the battle of weight loss for some time now. Many gyms offer classes from beginner to advanced and step aerobics is typically a very fun way in which to exercise and lose weight.

Step aerobics mixes music and movement and will have you using your elevated platform, or step, to help you melt the calories away. Calorie burn will vary according to your level of step aerobics, but even a beginner’s class will see you burning plenty. Using the step helps you to keep your heart rate plenty elevated and one of the nice things about step aerobics is that you can vary the evaluated platform, the intensity in which you workout, and even the amount of time that you work out as you become acclimated to the work out.

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The elliptical trainer has gained a lot of momentum over the past few years as it is a great machine that allows for a great workout all while being very low impact on the joints. This has not gone unnoticed by gyms everywhere as many gyms now stock several ellipticals to keep up with the demand for them.

Elliptical machines will allow you to vary the degree of difficulty and intensity of your workout simply by changing the incline of the machine, or even going backwards. On average, you can expect to burn upwards of 600 calories, or more, per hour of elliptical training.

Ellipticals also allow you to get out what you put in. In other words, the more intense you are with your elliptical time, the better you can expect your results to be. What’s nice is that you can start off at a lower intensity with an elliptical and gradually build your way up to harder workouts that will see you burn an even larger amount of calories.

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CrossFit has been sweeping America as of late and for good reason. This super high intensity workout is never the same and routines will vary by the day. CrossFit takes a combination of weight lifting, plyometrics, endurance exercises, and speed training and rolls them all into one workout which typically lasts around 20 minutes.

If you choose to do CrossFit, you should be sure you are ready. It is not a beginner’s course and was actually first designed to train first responders and the military’s Special Forces.

CrossFit is done in a class style setting and typically utilizes a large portion of the gym you may be working out in. While the class setting is great for added motivation, typically those in CrossFit will expect a lot out of you and will want you to expect a lot out of them. Just as CrossFit is intense, so too are its participants. However, if you can manage to work your way up to it, you will have found a more than worthy way in which to spend your time at the gym.

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