5 Tips Everyone Gives That Can Sabotage Your Health

We have all heard people that try and give us advice when it comes to our health and fitness, either in person or on the internet. Just because someone tells you this advice does not mean it is always useful and applicable to your situation. Always research any advice you are given before applying it to your life. While all of these health tips can be good for you, they also can be detrimental if they are not applied the correct way, and even in most cases with moderation. Take a look at the list below, and pay attention to the alternative advice you should consider when hearing these tips initially.

Run Every Day

You have probably heard many times that running does wonders for your whole body and even your mind with the many endorphins that are released. But what is frequently forgotten, is how damaging running can be to your body if done excessively and without proper preparation. Running can give you many benefits but it can also ruin your joints long term if proper measurements are not taken. Read and research before you start running or take on any other form of exercise that will impact your ligaments and joints in the long run. Running is especially not recommended if you carry a lot of extra weight as it causes unwanted pressure on your knees, as it will exaggerate injuries leaving your worse than when you started if not approached the correct way.

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Eat Less 

Whenever a question of how to lose weight is asked, most common responses are “eat less and you will lose weight.” True but only to a certain degree. This might actually be one of the biggest reasons why so many people develop eating disorders, and starve themselves because they are being told only part of the equation. This in turn puts their bodies into starvation mode, which then essentially signals to your body to burn muscle instead of fat. Starving your body also may mess with your metabolism, which could backfire and cause weight gain the moment you start to eat again, resulting in large amounts of unhealthy weight gain. This idea of eating less can’t be misinterpreted, as it can deem dire results for your weight and your metabolism in the future. Always consume healthy amounts of calorie dense foods, which will in turn fuel your body toward long-term health.

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Eat More Fruit, Dried Berries, Cereal etc. 

Too much fruit can be as bad as processed sugar, due to the unhealthy spike in the body’s insulin levels. Just because it isn’t fructose does not mean it will have better effects on your system in the long run. It will still give sugar spikes in your blood stream causing cravings for more sugar and carbs, which then spurs the urge to overeat the wrong calories. Most (if not all) cereals are loaded with sugar, and it is recommended if you have to have cereal to pick one with less than 3 grams per serving. When choosing cereal as a breakfast option make sure it has little sugar added and have at least some whole grains. The key ingredients to look for are fiber (3 g or more), sodium (no more 240 mg per serving), sugar (no more than 3g per serving),

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Stop Consuming Salt and Sodium 

This statement is not true or partially true when you start to process what this will actually mean for your body if you follow the advice. If you eliminate or consume very little salt you will create electrolyte imbalances, dehydration (body needs salt to retain water) and/or lack of energy which are all terrible things. The correct instruction should be to consume less sodium but do not eliminate it. As a rule of thumb try to stay at around 2400 mg of sodium per day but not less than 1500 mg per day.

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Have a Cheat Meal or Carbo Load Day 

This is not a good idea unless some guidelines are followed during this “cheat day.” Most people see a “cheat” day as a day when they can consume a week’s worth of calories in one meal alone, which will do nothing but harm to you both mentally and physically in the end. It will not only create a mess with your metabolism, but will wipe out the progress you have made within the last week or maybe even longer. When going for a “cheat” day chose only a few particular food items that won’t be your first choice while trying to lose weight, but will not sabotage your hard earned weight loss progress. Always consider eating in moderation as well when you are looking to partake in a few “off limits” items.

Now that you have a good idea about the “useful” but also “misinterpreted” tips, and how to approach them in a healthy way, it may not be a bad idea to try and apply these tips with caution to your daily routine. Everything is best in moderation, which opens a lot of doors to give you freedom when looking to improve your health. Whether it be taking a small jog, indulging in a small sweet treat, or enjoy a healthy bowl of cereal the options are limitless with a little bit of background knowledge that will help you to stay on a good path. It is my highest hopes that this article has not only motivate you, but also rejuvenated you to become a healthier you!

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