5 Tips To Survive The Weekend And Not Gain Weight

Weekend for some people is not just an excuse to meet friends and have fun. Some people struggle with the idea of going to parties or meeting friends for coffee and not loading up their stomachs and liver. How do you avoid the temptations and stay true, or at least close to, your diet?

During weekdays there is barely any time for sweets and fast food: work is at the head of the table and it is much easier to stay focused on what is good for you. That can’t be said about the weekend – meeting friends, fun parties and being dangerously close to the refrigerator while you stay at home can easily make you turn the usual mode of your diet off. However, there are some ways not to go crazy on Saturday and Sunday.

Converse But Do Not Load

According to the study, when we eat with friends, we consume 50% more food than while eating alone. All because of the fact, that during these meetings, we first pay attention to the person we are speaking to and stop the control over the amount eaten. Take time to study the menu without distractions of the conversation. Decide on what you will eat before starting a new topic. Another ways is to avoid food places all together. Meet with your friends at galleries, parks or go for a hike (good for you and no time to eat).

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The Alcohol Battle

Keeping yourself from getting intoxicated while in company or friends or colleagues is often difficult. To avoid the consequence that will torment you the next morning, choose dry champagne, sweet, semi-sweet or dry white wine. This low-calorie list also includes the famous “Bloody Mary”, which contains only 154 calories.

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The Game Of Hide And Seek

You’re left home alone: TV and refrigerator right by your side. Worst possible situation when you are trying to lose or just sustain weight lost. Best way out of this situation is to run from it. Find things to do outside the house. Visit your grandparents, meet friends, run errands or literally go for a run. If all of those are not good options and you really want to simply stay home and relax you can still avoid temptations by: clear you hour of any sweets, and substitute them with fruits and vegetables. It’s a fact that while watching TV we consume more food because we just do not notice how much we eat. While you’re fascinated by what is happening on the screen and the goodies are in the kitchen – most likely you will be too lazy to go after them.

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Feast With The World

If you are invited to a restaurant for a birthday celebration on the weekend, renouncing delicacies will be extremely difficult. Give preference to yogurt, fruit mousses, marshmallow, fruit candy, fruit jelly – these are the least harmful for your diet. Stay away from the truffle cakes, cheesecakes and ice cream. And you can wash down all the food with a cup of green or mint tea. Green tea contains nutrients, which increase levels of a hormone that causes a feeling of fullness and mint tea has properties that help to suppress appetite.

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Grocery Shopping

On weekends, many of us go shopping to the large supermarkets. Remember, going shopping on an empty stomach is not a good idea. If you are hungry you will simply buy everything in sight and that will mostly be processed carbs and sweets. Have a snack before you leave to the store. When at the store use a small basket, not the big one: that way you will avoid unnecessary products and maneuvering between the shelves will be easier.

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