7 Drinks to Steer Clear of When Dieting

Reading Time: 3 minutesOne of the quandaries with dieting is often what you should be drinking. You probably know that water is the best thing to drink, but you might also long for other options. But, it is important to know that even though some drinks might seem like they would compliment your diet, it doesn’t mean they will.

Here are seven drinks that you should avoid if you are trying to lose weight:

Pre-Made Smoothies

One of the first things you might think about having while on a diet is a smoothie. However, most smoothies that are pre-made, even ones sold in a smoothie bar, are loaded with calories and lots of refined sugars. This means you’ll be ingesting 350 calories or more for a small sized smoothie and getting little to no nutritional value out of the deal.

The good news is you don’t have to give them up. Simply make them at home. Use low fat milk and yogurt and opt for no added sugar and plenty of fruits, or even vegetables. This way you’ll be getting lower calories and loads of nutrients your body needs while on a diet.

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Iced Tea

You might think iced tea is better than soda, especially if you are drinking green tea, which is said to aid in weight loss. However, the problem with iced tea is the amount of sugar that the most popular brands contain. At around 60 grams of sugar you are looking at 250 calories, or more per glass.

As an alternative, make your own iced tea with water and tea bags. Jazz up the taste with a little bit of lemon or other juicy fruit and really enjoy what non-sweetened iced tea is all about.

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Flavored Water

Flavored waters are all the rage with many dieters as they promise added vitamins and nutrients all while helping you stay hydrated. But, you should not be fooled so easily. Many of these flavored waters also contain vast amounts of sugar to the tune of 30 grams in one single serving. That equates to about 150 calories for one drink.

You can easily enjoy flavored water at home by simply experimenting with regular water and your favorite fruits. If you are concerned about the vitamins, be sure you take a multi-vitamin, but don’t be fooled into thinking flavored water is the way to go while you are on a diet.

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Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate might heat you up when it is cold outside, but it can also fill your body full of fat and sugar. Take a Venti 2% Salted Hot Chocolate from Starbucks for example. This warm drink will add 760 calories to your daily caloric intake and 22 grams of saturated fat to boot.

Again, the best place to enjoy hot chocolate is at your home. Buy the reduced calorie hot chocolates and instead of using whole milk, try skim milk or even water. This will keep the calorie count low and your body temperature nice and heated up.

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Milkshakes are often marketed as good for you because they have a lot of calcium in them. However, what is not marketed is the amount of sugar and fat that accompanies that calcium. In fact, a typical fast-food restaurant milkshake will contain around 700 calories, much of which will be in the form of saturated fat.

If you insist on a milkshake every now and then, make them on your own. Use skim milk, reduced fat ice cream, and fresh fruit to enjoy a treat that is far better for you than what you’d get from your local fast-food joint.

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Frozen Mixed Drinks

There is a common misconception that being on a diet means giving up beer, but not alcohol. Many will turn to good old mixed drinks as they feel that the drink will contain some sort of fruit, thus making it healthy. However, take a frozen pina colada, which will contain around 850 calories for one drink. That number becomes even scarier when you figure that you’ll likely have more than one.

While the best bet is to avoid alcohol while dieting, if you must, drink an ultra light beer instead of a frozen mixed drink. Many on the market today have less than 100 calories per drink which is far better than drinking half of your daily allowance of calories in one drink.

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Energy Drinks

Some energy drinks promise to pep you up and even give you wings, but they will also give you a ton of sugar and possibly other added health problems. A typical energy drink can have around 300 calories for one can and nearly 60 grams of sugar. Add to that the fact that illnesses and even deaths have been linked to drinking excessive energy drinks and the risk is not worth the reward.

Instead of energy drinks, opt for a nice cup of black coffee. Buy flavored coffee to add to the taste and make it iced if you are longing for a cold energy drink.