9 Reasons to Exercise

Reading Time: 4 minutesThere are many reasons to exercise even though some of us have to make ourselves get out there and work out.  Time at the gym is fun once you get moving but as we get older getting out there takes motivation. Physical training improves just about every area of your body. There are so many good reasons to get out there and work on your fitness.

Anyone who reads about fitness is usually trying to improve upon their fitness because they stay fit. Or the alternative is people who sit on the couch when they get home. The work day is stressful and sitting in traffic is even worse on your psyche for motivation. Real motivation to exercise will help the normal couch potato get off the couch and get going.  Here are the ten best reasons to exercise.

Exercise lifts your moods

Exercise actually releases chemicals called endorphins which are nature’s little happy chemicals. You have to be up for a while and push past the point where they kick in. After they kick in you are feeling great because our natural chemicals really do help us feel terrific. This is a great way to get addicted to working out as well because it is from your own natural reserves.

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Exercise improves your mental health

There are several things physical training helps in this arena and your overall happiness levels increase the more you get out there and get moving. Working out reduces anxiety and improves your emotional health stabilizing your stress levels as well. Exercise even improves your memory because circulation is important for brain function and physical exertion improves your circulation.

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Exercise helps you to live longer

Now this is a two-fold blessing because not only does exercise help you to live longer but it also gives you a better quality of life. If you feel better your body functions better and the right chemicals are circulating instead of chemicals that can induce depression. If you feel better you eat better and you live longer because if you don’t use it you lose it. This is really the concept our body lives by so we have to be out there using it or we will lose it. That includes muscle tone and strength as well as healthy cells reproducing in our bodies. Have you ever seen the older couples who walk the mall?  This is your answer to longevity in life. Walk it out every day that you can so you feel your absolute best.

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Exercise strengthens your body

The more you exercise the stronger you are and as you age this is great news. Exercise can help you stay strong and healthy just like our coaches in school taught us. Get out there and work it out every day for the strength in your constitution that will carry you through life.  Improving muscles, tissue and bones because exercise is great for strengthening the body.

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Exercise improves your habits

Bad habits such as staying up all night or being angry for a long period of time can weigh down your body with stress and affect your mental health generally. If you get mad in traffic just come home and walk it off or stop by the gym before you head home and get that anger focused in the right direction. You will have better dreams and even sleep properly if you exercise. Physical training also boosts those good thoughts and creativity. So you can get rid of bad habits from  working out regularly.

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Exercise gives you quality time

If you take a friend along when you exercise you can talk about deep things and enjoy each other’s company. If you decide to go alone you can focus your thoughts and work on your mental acuity and goals in life. You can work out your problems as you work out your body. Solutions come more naturally to the quieted focused mind.

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Exercise improves your looks

If you train regularly a much added benefit is anti-aging properties. Yes, spending time at the gym  helps to renew your body in this way. Your fitness improves as well as your body and this starts a cycle of wanting to eat the right foods to compliment your exercise regimen. As you keep up the pace and exert your muscles you strengthen the heart and this is also part of longevity. Heart failure and heart attack are in the top reasons people die earlier than they should. Exercise prevents this from occurring so get out there and work it out to protect your heart.

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Exercise lowers your risks from genetic predisposition

Genetic predisposition is when you have certain diseases in your family. These diseases such as cancer and heart problems are passed down from generation to generation. Exercise helps you beat the odds. It actually lowers your risk for these diseases so this is a great reason to get out there and get off of the couch. Lowering these risks is an A+ for exercise.

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Exercise increases your sex drive

Now, some might not need this help, in fact some might need the opposite effect. However our sex drive can slow down as we age. The strength that comes with having a physically fit body helps to increase enjoyment in this area as well. Exercise not only increases your sex drive but it increases your satisfaction levels. What a great reason to get out there every day and physically train. You feel better, look better, live longer and enjoy yourself more on every level.