A Simple Fix That Can Help You Cut Calories

We have all read the do’s and don’t of dieting, and can become caught up and confused in the cloud of information that does nothing but leave us feeling deflated. The more information gets thrown at us, the more things we have to “add to the list” which can do more harm than good. I don’t know about you, but the more things I am “not allowed” to do the more I want to do them. In hind site, there is an easy and attainable few items that can save you an astronomical amount of calories per week.  You could actually cut out hundreds of calories by simply eliminating a few things from your diet. It is very simple, and has become all of the rage lately, as many people are starting to catch on to the health concerns that plague our nation.

We consume a large number of our calories by the drinks we consume. The fruit juices, soda pops, happy hour must haves, as well as the mid day caffeine rush can leave us feeling over indulged to say the least. This can significantly pack on the calories without you even realizing it. Water sippers took in less sugar, calories, and saturated fat, which made their diets much healthier, overall compared to those who indulge in a multitude of different drinks.

So, what is the secret to cutting calories? Just drink water. Yes, plain old water. This may sound boring to some, but it is really what our body needs to re-hydrate itself. Throw your diet cokes, and sugary juices out the window and say hello to good old H20. Did you know that one pound of fat is equivalent to 3,500 calories? If you drank water throughout the year, and held back on the other stuff you could save yourself a significant amount of pounds of fat in just one calendar year! Yes please.

Cutting Calories With Your Drink Choice, And A Simple Walk

There are many health benefits to simply choosing water, and who doesn’t like water at the end of the day anyways? If you are completely bored by just drinking water, there are many ways to make your water “spunky.” See some of the combinations below:

  1. Lemon+Mint+Cucumber+Water
  2. Berries+Basil+Water
  3. Strawberries+Lemon+Basil+Water
  4. Orange+ Blueberries+ Water
  5. Watermelon+Kiwi+Srawberries+Water
  6. Rasberries+Lemon+Water

By watching the calories you are drinking, and sprucing up your water with the fruity combinations above, you will be on your way to a healthier you! To take it up a notch, try and get a brisk walk in each day to get that heart pumping, as well as your arms and legs moving! Your body will feel so much more refreshed and relaxed. Remember it only takes about 3 weeks to fully form a habit that you will not have to think about it so much, because you will be too busy actually doing it. There are a number of exercises you can incorporate into your daily routine, but if you are feeling overwhelmed, a simple walk will do a lot of good in the end. Enjoy your water, and walk your way to better health!

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