Divorce and Weight Loss

Studies are conducted all the time in regards to weight gain and weight loss. In fact, there have been many studies as of late that have linked weight gain to marriage. But, could the opposite be true? Is it possible that divorce might actually be related to weight loss? While the obvious answer would be yes, it is not the typical reasons that you might think of that can be the catalyst behind post-divorce weight loss.

Of course, there are always going to be those who will lose weight due to the sheer magnitude of going through a divorce. Maybe they don’t deal with it so well and for a time eat far less than they normally would. That can produce weight loss in the short-term, but those same individuals may also easily fall back into their bad habits after some time has passed. But, there are other reasons why divorce can lead to weight loss and when these reasons are expanded on that can mean weight loss that is actually lasting.

Divorce the Bad Influence

For many people, eating healthy is hard to do as it is unsupported by their spouse. This can happen even if you have the very best of intentions of eating properly. This tends to happen in women more than men, but the point is that there are many times in a marriage where there will be a food conflict. This means that you might want to eat healthy, but your spouse does not. You may therefore have healthy foods and snacks ready to go, but your spouse is unrelenting and insists on keeping bad foods and snacks around. While this doesn’t mean you have to eat the bad stuff often instead of arguing the point and buying all kinds of food you might just give in and allow your spouse’s bad habits to become yours.

Another thing that tends to happen in an unhappy marriage is stress. Stress can lead to stress related overeating, which will of course then lead to weight gain. However, with divorce, comes the absence of much of that stress. With the prospect of starting over again a whole new feeling can rush over you which might mean a lot less stress. So, many of the cravings and overeating associated with that stress will be gone in the divorce along with your former spouse.

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Three Things to Keep the Positive Momentum Rolling

The positive momentum that you might experience immediately after your divorce doesn’t have to be short-lived. You can successfully use that momentum, and build on it, in order to form new and healthy habits that will carry you through your new life, allowing you feel better about yourself, as well as look better, which will be important when you are ready to start dating again.

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Here are Three Things You Can Do to Ensure That Positive Momentum Becomes More a Way of Life:

  1. Stock the Healthy: Now that you are simply preparing meals for one you may be tempted to prepare meals that are easier to make. This is fine, just as long as those meals are healthy ones. Don’t go with high sodium and high calorie microwave meals but instead stock your fridge and pantry with quick and easy healthy meals and snacks. Whatever you do, don’t skip meals as that can lead to binge eating, which is a sure way to weight gain.
  2. Get Out: Revamp your social, and eating, life by getting out and about. This means being active with friends and going out to eat with them. Again, be wary of where you eat and what you eat, but get out and enjoy yourself. You can also host a fun pot luck get-together for some of your friends who also enjoy healthy eating. This will give you nice company to share some meals with and you can take the opportunity to exchange healthy recipes and eating ideas.
  3. Go Pro: You may find that eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle is totally new to you. If so, that’s okay as there is plenty of help out there for you. First, you can take cooking classes so you can learn how to make delicious meals for yourself. If you look carefully you can even find cooking classes that focus on nutrition as much as they do taste.

You can also consider seeking out professional nutrition advice. Find someone who can recommend a balanced diet for your individual needs then, use what you learn and look for a program that combines proper diet and exercise so you can transform your post-divorce life for the better.

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