Lose Weight With Water!

How Much Water Should You Drink In Order To Lose Weight

Water is a man’s life source. Without water vital processes in the human body will stop, and can lead to death from dehydration.

All diets assert the fact that you need to drink about 8 tall glasses of water a day. Modern women are looking for effective ways to lose weight once and for all, and now the solution is rather inexpensive. Everyone wants to lose weight, while spending as minimal money as possible.

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Water Diet

Water Diet is an easy way to lose weight whilst not hitting your wallet. However, the diet is basically just that – drinking tons of water to lose weight.

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Recommendations For The Water Diet

Observing the aquatic diet, you should strictly follow the specific recommendations of the diet and adjust it to your lifestyle.

  1. You must develop a daily habit – drinking a glass of plain water thirty minutes before meals and snacks. First, it satisfies blunt hunger. Secondly, the gastric juice will be produced, and the food will be digested much more effectively. Remember that the temperature of the water should be warm. It breaks down the fat easier. Once in the gastrointestinal tract, the water dissolves fats, washes it from the walls of the intestine and removes it from the body. Nutritionists have shown that if you drink too much cold water, the effect of weight loss will not be as obvious. This is due to the fact that water flushes all the contents of the intestines, thus want to eat again. Don’t store water in plastic bottles. When water is heated to a certain temperature, the bisphenol in plastic secretes enzymes, which has a detrimental effect on the properties of the water. Store water in glass containers only.
  2. The amount of fluid intake. You must clearly understand the difference between water and other drinks. A clean water drink is preferred by a relatively small number of people. We drink tea, coffee, sodas, juice – these liquids can not be compared to the consumption of clean water. Using other drinks after a hearty dinner you strengthen the process of fermentation in the stomach. Adhering to the aquatic diet, you should provide a break between meals and drinking the water after about 2 hours. The body will process food eaten and the water after 2 hours will clean the intestines of toxins and fat.
  3. Drink water in accordance with your weight – 20 grams of water per one pound of body weight. If your weight is 170 pounds, you should drink almost a gallon of water a day. Pure raw water is not tea or juice and other beverages. It seems that it is not possible? It is better to divide the entire amount to several servings per day. Drinking a glass of water every hour, you reduce hunger and definitely drink the whole amount without much difficulty. Do not to forget to drink water while working out or only 2 hours after eating. Try drinking this much of water for a week and you will likely lose about 3 pounds of weight without any other food restrictions. Try not to exceed the recommended amount of water, as you do not want to overload the kidneys.
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Important Things To Remember

While doing a water diet it is best to abandon other drinks for a while. If drinking ordinary water seems terribly tasteless, add a few drops of lemon, lime or orange juice. But remember: to achieve a good result with the water diet you should drink only purified water.

Before you use these tips to the water diet, consult your doctor. Find out whether you have kidney problems or heart disease. If you do not want to drink water from the tap, buy simple purified water without gas and flavors at any grocery store.

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