Is Meditation Right For You?

You will learn in detail how to meditate and be ready for your first session.

Answers to these questions will save you from painful doubts during your first meditation and it will not interfere with the relaxing thoughts.

“Am I doing everything right?”

“Am I ready to meditate?”

Meditation Poses

It turns out that state of the body can affect the state of the mind, concentration and attentiveness. Questions like “what are the best positions for meditation” are really very important.

The most common posture, sitting with a straight back, is perfect for meditation. The harmonious combination of simultaneous tension and relaxation of muscles, clear and serene mind, are important components of meditation.

Meditation pose should always be simple and comfortable. Discomfort and tension will be distracting and will not allow you to completely relax. It turns out that everyone has their own posture for meditation; someone might prefer the middle of the room on a hard mat, someone might choose to sit on a pillow or next to a wall. And before going to sleep a very good meditation is simply in the comfort of your bed, laying down comfortably.

For the meditation pose to become more comfortable and better you will need some time to find what works best for you. If your body is not balanced and stable your muscles will be tight and therefore prevent your whole body from relaxing.

There is much more to meditation than just finding the right kind of the pose to sit in but that can be explored later. For now, simply find a relaxing quiet space for you to sit and relax in.

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When and How to Meditate

You will soon learn that you can meditate anytime, anywhere. The fact is that meditation is very useful during outbreaks of anger, irritation or when you have a lot of anxiety even over an excitement. You’ll know exactly what meditation can do for you in every situation.

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How to Start Meditation

  • When practicing meditation regularly we begin to feel the benefits of meditation and notice the changes in our behavior. Starting with 5 minutes, you will gradually lengthen the practice to 15, and then 30 minutes.
  • It is very useful to practice twice a day, morning and evening for15-20min. Morning meditation energizes the entire upcoming day and evening session eliminates the effects of emotional storms, which we are subjected to throughout the day.

Home meditation, even just once a day, can bring big changes into your life.

For some, finding time to meditate even just 2 times a day will seem like a challenge, the thought of meditation will cause some stress and can lead quit the practice altogether. Therefore, you should know that meditation has no graphics and rigid framework. It is simply a state of ease, peace and inspiration. Just start to meditate.

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Who Can Meditate

 Meditation has no restrictions and contraindications. Meditation is for everyone; schoolchildren, students, adults and the elderly can do it with great ease.

Meditation does not require advance preparation. Meditation is the relaxation of mind and body it helps to keep your body and mind healthy. This is a medication for the exhausted and stressed mind and body.

The best part is that meditation has no side effects.

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Place for Meditation

If you ask whether you need a special place for meditation? The answer is “yes”.

It is best to meditate in silence. The atmosphere helps you to relax. A warm cozy room with enough space, a rug or pillow – are important components of meditation for beginners.

When we move on to a new stage of perfection, when meditation becomes an integral part of our life, we realize that the places for meditation are countless.

When we silently admire nature, enjoy the music, moved by the children’s smile, we meditate.

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When to Start to Meditate?

 The best answer is “today!”.

Let it be 5, 10 or 15 seconds of meditation. You can now dedicate a moment to relax. You can stop for a moment to plan, evaluate and speculate.

Immerse yourself in the moment. Find yourself in the silence of your mind, even if there is talking or music playing. Try to feel the relaxation of the mind and body. This state of freedom is meditation.

If you experience this, you not only do not forget about the practice of meditation on Monday, you’ll want to do it wholeheartedly everyday.

If you have a busy life, a lot of unresolved problems, you are depressed and tired, start right now. Believe us, even 1minute of meditation can change the way you feel.

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Thoughts While Meditating

Thoughts arise spontaneously in the mind. This is a natural part of the meditation. Do not try to get rid of thoughts while meditating. Thoughts are not  obstacles for relaxation.

The purpose of meditation is not to change the reality, it is a way to teach us to calmly accept everything that happens in the world, including our thoughts. Calmly except the thoughts that come during practice.

The mind might remember the past of your life, remembering events and incidents that might represent the future..

When you become aware of any distractions do not try to avoid them simply smile and return to your meditation.

As soon as you become aware of your thoughts, they will disappear and then they might appear again, do not blame yourself for it, do not worry, just look at them again, tell yourself it’s just a thought, and go back to your meditation.

Always know the thought comes and goes. Now you can think about something, and the next moment can be completely relaxed and relaxing, listening to the silence of the mind.

Use this not only during meditation. This method is a good means of recovery from the mad bustle of everyday work. Let the thoughts be pointless activity of the mind.

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How to End the Meditation

 When the meditation is over, or if you just want to stop the practice, do not hurry up, do not proceed immediately to action. Let your eyes be closed for a minute longer. Let thoughts slowly flow. Let the mind gradually becomes active.

Get up slowly, avoid loud music, do not watch the news. Even if you have somewhere to be you should take your time. Be calm, feel the relaxation and inner confidence.

Follow these instruction a month or two. And at some point you will feel that meditation continues on even after the practice is over.

Vanity disappears, you might see lessened aggression. You will be a better listener and become to understand others better too. Anger, criticism and rudeness can stop you from the state of inner peace. You do not have to control this condition, it is within you.

Remember that meditation can change your life!

Now you can start to meditate!

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