The Benefits of Eliminating Processed Foods From Your Diet

No matter where you live in the world, it seems like everywhere we look, processed foods are thrown in our faces. The shelf life on some of these foods items will make me feel ill, yet I continue to eat this stuff like it is going to go bad or something? I find myself sometimes struggling to finish all of the produce I buy at the store (because it truly does go bad) as its life span when it goes home is rather short. Not only does this make me feel guilty, but it also makes me feel like I need to take a deeper look into my diet and identify the processed food culprits that make their way into my diet. Many times processed foods are lined with added sugars, salts, and preservatives which in turn will lead to unwanted weight gain and a large sum of empty calories with no nutritional value whatsoever.

“Don’t Ask Why Healthy Food Is More Expensive, Ask Why Junk Food Is So Cheap!”

 We live in a day and age of quick, and seamless transactions, which in turn condition us to not want to pay or wait for things like in the past. This notion has got to go, because it is making us fat, unhealthy, and sicker than we have ever been. I am not saying waiting for something or paying more will solve all of the problems but it will most definitely apply to weeding out quick and processed foods from our diets in replacement for heartier and more nutrient dense options.

Anytime you are hungry it is a good opportunity to nourish your body, especially when you are at work throughout the day. We need all of the energy we can get throughout the day, so why waste our snack and lunch breaks on processed food choices that are full of empty calories? Because of the lack of nutrients in processed foods contain, they will almost guarantee overeating because they fail to give you the nutrients you need to be satisfied!

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You Are What You Eat

Have you ever heard this phrase before? It is literally true, because what you eat will affect your blood, skin, heart, and brain, which are essentially “you.” If you are constantly choosing processed foods, and freezer meal items in the place of actual meals with essential proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals you will be polluting your body from the inside out. Have you ever seen someone with a beautiful complexion? A lot of this has to do with diet, as the skin is one of the largest organs the body has. Many times our skin is affected by hormones (heavily with women) and processed foods can cause our hormones to go a little wacky which will in turn mess with our clear complexions we try so hard to maintain!

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Bye, Bye Mood Swings!

Don’t you hate the mood swings whether you are on the reciprocating end of it or not? They are so hard to deal with because they are unpredictable, and downright irritating. Sadly, diet has a huge impact on our moods because of the chemicals found in certain items. Especially with processed foods, your brain will be battling the chemicals found in the preservatives, which in turn leaves you feeling a little crabby. Your body is literally angry that you are not getting adequate nutrition and the chemical and nutrient imbalance will throw off your entire mantra. Choose whole foods, and your body will feel more balanced and at peace (literally!).

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Balance is Essential For The Basics Of Life

The basics include sleep, exercise, wellness, nutrients, and hormonal balance. Not only will eating a healthier more balanced diet make you get better sleep at night, you can also increase in multiple spectrums just for the mere fact that you are getting proper nutrients. Your sexual activity will be more vibrant, as you will feel more energized as well as balanced hormonally. Your sick days will slowly diminish, as your body will be energized, and fed with whole food nutrients that will help you fight off sicknesses. Your workouts will feel more powerful, as you will not be dragging your way into the gym. It’s simply a win-win to provide your body with the fuel it needs to operate at its highest most efficient level.

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Be Aware

Always be aware of your processed food intake, as you are never going to be able to get away from it completely. Set realistic goals and expectations for yourself, so that you can lower your intake of processed foods and up your intake of nutrient dense foods that will make you perform better in life. You may notice a difference in your energy levels, and your complexion right away, which is enough to have me convinced! There is a reason those Cheetos stay good for a long time on the shelf, so do your body a favor and don’t pollute it with the chemicals and empty calories that will do nothing but set you back in the long run!

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