The Best Revenge is Living Well

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It has been said that the best revenge is living well, but that is sometimes hard to do after a breakup. Many times when you get dumped you feel worthless and alone, which can lead to serve depression and that in turn leads to overeating. Weight gain can then start and once it gets going it can quickly spin out of control.

However, as easy as it is to let a breakup bring you down, you can just as easily allow it to be the catalyst you need to get into the best shape of your life. Don’t think it’s possible? Consider the story of Allie, who was highlighted in a Huffington Post article. She was dumped by her boyfriend after being with him for two years. Did she feel sorry for herself and give in? No, instead she used the breakup as motivation to change her life for the better and lost 40 pounds going from 212 pounds down to 172.

Perhaps the most remarkable part of Allie’s story is the fact that she did not try any fad diets or magic diet pills, she used good old fashion nutrition and exercise to get the job done. She started with running and then adding weights and aerobic exercises. When combined with proper eating she was able to enjoy such fantastic results. What’s more, she did it for herself, not as a form of revenge on her ex.

Channel Your Inner Allie

Even if you have lost the person you consider to be the love of your life due to a breakup, you have it in you to do what Allie did. Talking a big negative such as a breakup and turning it into what can be the most positive thing in your life is not easy, but it is possible.

The key, as in the case with Allie, is consistency. Losing weight in the short-term is one thing, but changing your life and accomplishing lasting weight loss results are quite another. All those fad diets that might make you drop ten pounds by conducting unpleasant, and unsafe, measures may be the trick if you are looking to one up your ex for a little revenge, but they will do you little good in the long-run.

It may be a difficult thing to do, but you have to get past the point where you want to get back at your ex. Instead, undertake proper diet and nutrition for you. Lose weight for you. Get fit for you. After all, people can come and go in your lifetime, but it is you who has to live with yourself for the rest of your life. Wouldn’t you rather live with a better looking, better feeling you?

So, breakups may be the cause of a lot of weight gain and/or weight loss, but in the end it really should be all about you. Once you start getting healthy you’ll come to find that you will feel so good about yourself that you likely won’t care how much better you do look if you ever do run into your ex, though that will be a bonus that comes with what your new philosophy should be; The best revenge is living better AND losing weight.