The Sneaky Habits From Unsuccessful Dieters

There is nothing more frustrating than committing to a diet and not seeing results. Your hard work and ability to say no to your favorite most indulging foods has only left you seeing no change, and it is downright defeating. Am I right? No matter how determined you are, naturally it is going to be easy to just quit and try dieting some other time when you feel more willpower welling up inside. Before you decide to label yourself a failure, you need to realize that there is more to this dieting thing that meets the eye, and it is really more involved than “calories in and calories out.” Be mindful of these sneaky bad habits that creep in when you decide to diet and do your best to steer clear of them!

“ I Don’t Diet, I Just Eat According To My Goals”

The first rule of thumb is to get rid of the whole “diet” word in the first place. This word has an overall negative connotation, which in turn leads to motivational slips, and short-term results. When people think of themselves as “dieters” they know it is only for a short period of time, which will not get them on the right track long term. Instead try switching your mindset to a healthy lifestyle that will be ongoing, and produce a new you. When you are looking to become a healthier version of yourself, you know it is perfectly okay to indulge in a small treat every once and a while, but it should not be an everyday occurrence because it will only set you back. When you restrict foods from yourself, it will only make you want them more. The right mindset is truly key here, so do yourself a favor and rid yourself of the word “diet” completely.

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The All Or Nothing Mindset

This is another bad habit that many unsuccessful dieters pick up right away. They get so overly motivated, that they switch up their entire diet in the blink of an eye instead of easing themselves into it. They throw away all of the unhealthy foods in their kitchens, and replace it with diet foods. This just isn’t going to set you up for success in the long run sadly. Dieting shouldn’t be taking away foods all of the time, rather it should be adding in a lot of nutritious foods to your kitchen so in turn you are not craving the unhealthy food options. Make small changes here and there to some of your daily food choices, and before you know it they will be building up to create an overall healthy diet. Now that seems more doable, right?

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All Diet, No Exercise

You have done such a good job in making better food choices, and then you decide to skip the gym. This is not such a good idea, as there are many studies done about the importance of physical activity everyday for overall health and wellness. It shouldn’t always be about a number on the scale, but rather an overall feeling of health restored back into your life. Your body will thank you if you take a trip to the gym, as your metabolism will get moving, and you will sweat out unhealthy toxins from your system. This will rapidly speed up your weight loss process, and it will take your mind off of food for a little while. Better yet, find a buddy to go to the gym with and it will be an even greater accomplishment!

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Don’t Believe The Low Fat Lie

We are in an age of information and revelation when it comes to health and fitness. Long gone are the days when low fat food items and diet sodas are raiding our pantries. This is a common mistake however with unsuccessful dieters. Many times they are unaware that these low fat, low calorie items are actually loaded with unhealthy sugars and fillers, which will turn to fat once they are consumed. The low fat option has to recover the loss of taste somehow and it comes in the form of sugar sadly. Go the other way, and incorporate healthy fats and proteins into your diet, and you will find yourself craving less of the sugars and refined carbs. After a while, even the smallest sweet treat will be overpowering to you, as your body will not be used to all of the sugar!

Always set your expectations high, but never set them to an unattainable level that will leave you frustrated and feeling alone. Take small steps with the idea that you want to improve your overall health and gain a stronger lifestyle, and steer clear of the diet traps mentioned above. Over time you will see success, and you will form lifelong habits that will keep you feeling refreshed, confident, and rejuvenated more than ever before. Seek counseling from friends and family members who are also going through the change, and don’t be afraid to keep each other accountable! The time is now to take control of your health and well being!

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