Weight Loss Tip #10: Express Love Without Food

When there is a will, there is a way. Eating healthy is a lifestyle, not an occasion. This is especially hard to do when you are trying to be social with the people you love the most. Eating has a way to our hearts, and souls, but it doesn’t always have to be unhealthy eating. When your family is getting together (or friends) bring something unique that everyone will appreciate. A small photo album that everyone can take home with them, instead of that rich dessert will serve all parties better in the long run. Or simply a healthy appetizer option like veggies and hummus.

There is an even better way to avoid social eating at every gathering. Suggest to your friends and family that you do an activity instead of going out to eat. Have everyone eat before the activity, or afterward. Staying active and getting out to burn calories yet be social goes a log way for your waistline. The more time you spend being busy with other things besides eating, the less likely you will be tempted with foods you shouldn’t be eating. When something is out of sight, it will be out of mind and less tempting overall.

Ideas For Activities

There are an abundance of activities you can indulge in both by yourself or with a group. Some of those things include but are not limited to: Frisbee golf, walking, golfing, volleyball, ping pong tournament, bowling, softball league, go to a play, or even volunteer your time with those in need. You can also hike in the hills near your home of they are available, or go fishing in a lake or river near you. Don’t have access to those things? No problem, you can invite a friend to help you with a task that has been begging to get done around your house, which also can be social. Become an expert in something, such as learning anew language or reading a new book series. These things are more solo, but they are enough to keep you busy on things other than unhealthy eating.

By simply avoiding temptation, and being firm with your answers you will be on your way to developing relationships in others ways than around the table. You may even get invited out for that basketball or softball league you have wanted to join, or even get nominated to volunteer your time for another organization in need of help. These are all wonderful ways to develop relationships and show love without it hurting your health long term.

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