Weight Loss Tip #11 Eat When Stomach Is Growling

There are many times in our lives when we eat and quite frankly we are not even hungry. We blindly reach for that chip, or extra serving of bread without even thinking twice about it. More likely than not it is because you are stuck at the table longer than you wanted, or you are bored and don’t know what else to do. There are so many better options for you out there than to keep on eating. When you keep on eating you are sabotaging your quest for better health, and your journey for weight loss. Try and eat healthy snack options such as fruit, when ice cream is present, and it will knock the edge off of those intense cravings.

Is It Healthy To Eat Only When Your Stomach Growls?

Many times there are instances when your stomach is just processing the food you just ate, therefore it will growl even if you are not hungry. If you eat more veggies and beans your intestines may make a little more noise than usual. But when you are actually getting hungry, and your stomach is growling it means you are indeed in need of some substantial calories. If you wait for too long, you may even start to get light headed and dizzy without realizing it.

It is important to know the difference in the sounds your stomach is making, and know when you are really in need of calories versus going off of the sounds your stomach may or may not be making. The most important tip is to not eat when you are not hungry. This does not do any good for your weight loss journey, or your caloric count for the day. It is also important not to confuse thirst with hunger, as many times your body just needs a good drink to quench its thirst rather than additional calories.

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Do Not Starve Yourself

Finally, it is important to realize that it is not okay to starve yourself. If you are feeling hunger pangs, it means your body needs fuel. This does not mean it needs unhealthy fuel, but it is in need of something to run on. Pick healthy snack and meal choices when you are feeling the rumble, and you will reap the benefits long term. Starving yourself will only slow down your metabolism, and make the weight loss journey even more difficult in the long run. Do your body good and grab a healthy meal or snack when you start to feel real food hunger!

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