Weight Loss Tip #12: Eat Slowly And Calmly

One of the problems in our daily lives is the need to jam more into our schedules, as if we are not already busy enough. There ends up being so much to do, and literally no time to do it all. Eating especially gets last priority, as many of us find ourselves sitting in the fast food line starving for literally any type of food. We let our schedules overpower our days to the point where it affects our diets, our health, and our stress levels. By simply eating more slowly, and calmly you are allowing yourself to take a much deserved break and just enjoy the food you are consuming. You may even consume less because you are savoring your food versus just shoving it in. How hard is it really to slow down, and chew your food? It may add only a few measly minutes to your meal but it is most definitely worth it.

Did you know that your brain lags your stomach by about 20 minutes in regards to fullness signals? This is a staggering amount of time, which is why eating more slowly and controlled is the better way to go for your waistline. If you break up your meal, you will notice your body telling you it may be full well before that bowl of pasta is consumed. Listen to your body, as it knows how much food it needs to function properly.

Eating slowly and with a calm spirit also will help your stomach with the digestion of food. The more you savor and chew your food, the less work your body will have to do to digest it. The faster you eat, the more you eat which will not make you feel healthier in the long term if you are looking to lose weight.

Finally, the stressful fast paced life we all live has to slow down at some point. The slower the food, the better it will be for you. The faster the food, the less nutritious it will be for you. Quality takes time, and love, which means you should enjoy every bite of it. Say no to the fast paced lifestyle that is only leaving you stressed, and overweight. If you carve some time out of your day to eat slowly, and healthy your body will feel the benefits long term. Now go and enjoy a nutritious meal, and savor each bite!

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