Weight Loss Tip #14 Eat 90 Percent At Home

There is nothing better than a home cooked meal, am I right? Not only do home cooked meals taste great (at least mine!) but they are also lower in fats and sugars compared to the same dish prepared at a restaurant. There is no telling how much butter, salt, cooking oil, and cream sauce could have been left out of your meal if you were to just cook it yourself. When you dine out at a restaurant, its normal to be tempted by the side of fries or dessert at the end of the meal. If you were at home, those items may not be consumed for lack of presence or just no time to prepare them. Sadly, eating out has become a normal way of life in our society, so making a point to eat at home more may call for some discipline.


Many restaurants in the United States are serving larger portions on larger plates, charging more, and increasing the size of their tables in order to fit the large plates of food. This is doing more harm than good in the long haul for people who struggle with portion control. It is best to ask the server to box half of your meal up before they bring it out, that way you are not tempted to eat the whole meal in one sitting if you do eat out. On the flip side it is better to just prepare a nice meal at home, where you can eat until you feel you have had enough.

The more you prepare food at home, the more you will learn about food in general. There are so many fascinating and fun food groups out there to learn about. Not only can you learn about them, but you can also discover new foods you may have not otherwise known you would like. Cooking takes time, but it also promotes relationship building. The more on the go you are, the less likely you are to sit down with someone and have a meal. The more you cook at home, you will start to realize how unhealthy certain restaurant food really is for your body overall.

Lastly, eating out is just plain expensive. You are paying a little more for your food, unless you are eating fast food, which I do not recommend. Finally, you have to add on the tip, and possibly picking up the tab for others dining with you out of courtesy so it gets pricey quickly. It is not as healthy for you, and it is expensive which makes eating at home seem so much better for your wallet and your health!

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