Weight Loss Tip #15: Switch To Ordinary Coffee

Switch to ordinary coffee and reap the benefits not only with your wallet, but also in your waistline. Many “fancy” coffees are loaded with creams, syrups, sugar, and whole milk which does nothing but add on to the calorie count of your morning pick me up. It is amazing to see people who are trying to lose weight, yet still want all the bells and whistles added to their drinks. Those are hidden culprits for weight gain and they are consumed the moment you wake up, which isn’t a good start to your day. Instead of going to buy your coffee jazzed up each morning, simply go with regular coffee and some nonfat powdered milk to start your day feeling refreshed.

Another idea for getting your morning brew fix without it ruining your diet is to simply brew at home. This puts all of the power and control into your own hands regarding your caloric level, as well as the temptation to “add to” your drink each day. The less options for whip cream, sprinkles, caramel, and sugar the better off you will feel throughout your day. The less sugar you eat in the morning, means the less sugar you will crave throughout the day. It’s amazing what a couple hundred calories each morning added to your diet will do for weight loss, and it is not positive.

Go enjoy your morning, afternoon, or evening brew without all of the hullabaloo!

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