Weight Loss Tip #16: Avoid White Foods

We all have learned to love the white foods that get thrown our way daily, whether it be the pastas, breads, or potatoes. Coming from a very Italian family it is hard not to want to just go crazy with cannoli’s, and handmade tortellini’s but it is a must if you are looking to lose weight. White foods are severely processed and stripped of anything nutrient dense, which causes them to wreak havoc on your blood sugar levels. The main problem with white foods is they cause a sudden spike in your food cravings when they hit your blood stream. More insulin is then released into your body, and you are setting yourself up for a “crash” later on because the body does not need all of that extra insulin. This is quite the merry go round, and it will only continue to get worse the more white foods you eat. The body starts to crave and rely only on these foods, which happen to also cause weight gain.

By simply avoiding white foods for the most part, you are sparing your body a lot of ups and downs as well as cravings later on. It will take around two weeks to completely get yourself on a good track, as many of those strong cravings and symptoms will start to get intense in the first two week of the detox. Whole grain options are always good options to ease the shock of taking the white foods out. Don’t be fooled by the words “whole grain” or “wheat” though, as many of those foods are processed and will react the same in your body as white foods. Eating more lean meats, veggies, and fish are good options as well to help reduce down those cravings that may seem to take over your life! The more full you feel the less cravings you will have for the sweet and non nutritious foods white based foods offer.

Don’t simply eliminate without adding in another nutritious food in place. You always want to aim to get a well balanced diet in each and every day, for a better you. There are a lot of resources on the web regarding clean and healthy recipes to take advantage of daily, and don’t forget to plan ahead as this will be key to staying on track. The easiest foods to grab when you are hungry, are the ones that are processed and have a long shelf life. Don’t go this route! Your body will thank you later when you switch out white food choices for colorful food choices.

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