Weight Loss Tip #17: Hang A Mirror

Hanging a mirror in front of your dining table can do wonders for your waistline, and for your mental state of mind. There have been multiple studies done on the effect eating in front of a mirror has on a person’s idea of themselves, and what they are putting into their body. Many times we may not realize it, but we are judging people when they eat whether it be about their physical appearance or what their choice of food may be. We all do it whether we realize it or not, that is why eating in front of a mirror is important for our own personal benefits. When we see ourselves eating in the mirror, we automatically are being mindful of how we look when we eat, as well as what we are putting in our bodies.

When eating junk food, we may not realize it but it may taste better when we are not watching ourselves eat it. When we have to sit and stare at ourselves eating a greasy piece of pizza, it automatically sends a personal message to our brains telling us that it is not a good food choice. The food has also been said to taste a little better with no feelings of guilt when a friend has given you a sweet or greasy treat to indulge in. The feeling of remorse almost immediately goes away when it is given to you versus you picking it out yourself.

Next time you are up to decorate your dining space, don’t be afraid to add a little mirror flare to your dining wall, and enjoy the effects it will have on your waistline for the better!

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