Weight Loss Tip #18: Bring The Color Blue

The color blue is a popular favorite color among most people in the world, but have you ever stopped to think about the finite details of why? Colors are very pshycological and can provide people a sense of healing and comfort, or playfulness. They can also symbolize darkness, hunger, and sadness which makes them all around versatile. The color blue and symbolize trust, honesty, and loyalty which makes it a very popular color amongst many.

Blue is a natural color that represents the sky and the water of our earth. It is not a color that is meant to stress you out, or make you feel rushed or in a hurry. This color serves many positive purposes, as well as weight loss purposes for people. You will not see many fast food restaurants with a blue atmosphere as their main colors are red and yellow. Red’s and yellows bring people in, and cause them to eat and order more. Think McDonalds, Wendy’s, Chick Fil-A, etc. There is a reason blue is not present. The color of plates you use as well will have an effect on how much you will eat for your meal. It will take the urge to eat a lot more away, by the simple presence of a blue plate or table cloth where you dine.

Colors in general are great to have in our lives, but be mindful of how they effect our brains in relation to food and eating. There are many colors out there that will cause you to feel a little more on edge or stressed, but the calm and cooling tone of blue is not one of them. Next time you go out to eat notice this, as well as when you eat in your home don’t be afraid to add hints of blue around the dining area.

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