Weight Loss Tip #19: Find Online Weightloss Buddy

The power of the Internet is real, and it affects people’s lives for both the positive and the negative. In a study done by the University of Vermont, there were individuals who were followed for 18 months, and the people who had online buddies lost more weight and kept it off for longer periods of time in correlation to those who met face to face in a support group. This speaks volumes to anyone out there looking to have accountability while going through the rocky road of dieting. It is not always an easy journey, so having someone there to share your weight loss goals, and workout goals if you have them is a good thing. Many experts say that getting a buddy whether it be in person or online may be the difference maker in your success or failure.

We have all been there, when a rut or a struggle is more than we can handle alone. Whether the phone is picked up, or not there is a friend out there who is willing to help you get through it. If you feel like everyone in your life is too busy for you face to face, you need not worry. The internet is full of individuals who are seeking the same thing as far as accountability goes. Whether it be a friend who lives in another state, a relative, or just a mutual friend that shares similar interests as you the possibilities are endless! You don’t have to meet up daily to keep each other accountable. Sending an e-mail, text, picture, or post on their social media site is enough! Now go out there, and find “your person!”

Who To Choose

Not everyone is going to be your ideal fit diet buddy, as many people may leave you frustrated and falling off track. Your best friend may have all of the best intentions in the world, but they may not really have the same goals in mind that you do. Your partner is also a good example of someone that may not be the best choice, because dieting can be a really personal matter. Having someone keep you accountable that is not one of your closest friends or family members can spare relationships down the road (in some cases.) This person is going to be keeping you accountable even when you don’t want them too, and vise versa. Choosing a diet buddy is just like choosing the actual diet itself!

Everyone works differently, so if you feel like you are most comfortable with a family, friend, or mutual friend go into the partnership with the right expectations about how to accomplish both of your goals. You both will be working toward a goal together, and cannot afford get offended when the other person may be pushing you to be a better version of you! Communicate if you are going to have a close family member or friend as your accountability partner.

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Make It Official

Everything is more official when it is signed, and dated right? So why not do the same thing with your diet buddy. Once you find the right person to keep accountable, and reverse make a contract that keeps you bot on track. Check in with each other daily, or weekly to ensure that you are both working toward your goals together. Set firm yet realistic goals and work toward them together. Don’t be afraid to leave your diet buddy if they are holding you back, and not doing their job!

An Internet buddy is one of the best solutions out there because you don’t have to see them face to face every waking moment of the day. They are your “go to” person when other people are letting you down in the diet side of things. Remember that encouragement comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether you talk to them on the phone, text, e-mail, or skype there are positive words of affirmation as well as motivational messages you can send them to keep each other on track.

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