Weight Loss Tip #21: Visualize Yourself Thin

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Reading Time: 2 minutesCan you really think yourself thin? There are more studies out on the market today that say this is quite possible. Visualization is a powerful tool than can be used to your benefit when trying to lose weight. There are times when our will power slips up and we feel like breaking down to old habits that made us unhealthy in the first place. Visualizing yourself thin, not only motivates you to stay on track but it reminds you that the goal is completely do able because you have been there before. There are some folks who are quite skeptical of visualization, and quite frankly don’t have the mental focus to really go through with it until success. See some great benefits below on why this is a great tool to have on hand!

Meditation Is Key

Just sitting for a few minutes in utter silence while you envision yourself thin and healthy will do a world of good for your waistline. The more your mind believes you are thinner, you will start to pick up small habits that will reflect those thoughts. The key to meditation is to remember your thoughts and emotions of how you feel when you see yourself thin, and feeling good.

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Envision The Fall

While it is always good to visualize the goals and good outcomes from situations, it is also important to see the times when you give into temptations and let loose. Visualizing yourself binging on unhealthy foods and the way they make you feel afterwards may be enough to deter you away from them before they even touch your lips. Visualization works for both the positive and the negative if you allow it to. Do’t stay in this visualization for too long though, its best to keep positive thoughts running around in your mind for optimal results.

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Trick The Brain

Your brain knows when you are chewing, swallowing, and filling your stomach with good foods as well as bad foods. The process of lifting food into your mouth, physically chewing, and feeling the hunger go away can be as much psychological than it is physical. Your brain can be tricked in this regard rather easily, as there is a fine line between reality and imagination. Imagining a large meal before you actually go into eating a meal may reduce the amount you actually eat in that moment. Try it out, and see if your appetite is reduced at all.

Our brains have a great way of protecting our bodies, as well as helping it to become the most protected and healthy version of itself it can be. When we let our willpower down, there are times when we push our brain signals to the side and continue to eat, even when we may already be full. Try and visualize good moments, healthy times, and a skinnier you for more success in re-gaining your weight loss goals. It comes with a strong mind, and the power to visualize yourself thin!