Weight Loss Tip #22: Reach For Your Cell

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In today’s day and age, people are rarely seen without their cell phones in hand, and most of the time it is looked down upon. We have all judged the couple at dinner both looking at their phones completely disengaged with each other and the vibrant world around them. Or how about the parent who is looking at their phone while their kids are sitting in the backseat of the moving car observing. There is actually a good time to pull your phone that does not include dinner or kids, that will actually do your waistline more good than bad. When cravings for sugaring, salty, or fattening foods hits us straight up all of our thoughts go toward getting that food item in our mouths. What if I told you a cell phone could help break that craving down to nothing?

Attention Diverter

If you reach for your cell, and call a friend you are immediately diverting your attention from the craving to how your friend is doing when he or she answers the phone. Talking on the phone in 2016 is a rare occasion anyways with more people texting than ever before. When you physically pick up the phone to dial a friend, if they pick up you will soon be talking up a storm and forget about that once nasty craving you previously were having. Companionship today is very important for our mental health, as well as our physical health long term, so don’t be shy about grabbing your phone and talking to a friend.

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Ask Questions

Sometimes people have said that cravings hit them in the middle of the day when they are not able to “phone a friend.” If this is you, and you are finding yourself at the office with a craving coming on in the afternoon stop and ask yourself these important questions.

  1. How long can I wait? It has been said that cravings only intensely last for about 5 minuets, and then they are gone. Can you wait for ten minutes, to see if your craving has died down?
  2. Why is this craving coming on? Ask yourself if you are bored, lonely, anxious, tired, stressed, or hungry. Once you determine the root of the craving, then ask yourself why you are feeling that certain way. Junk food may not always be the best option for battling that emotion.
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Create Good Vibes

Happiness is key when you looking to squash a craving down to nothing. Throwing on your favorite upbeat tunes, while getting tasks done may put your mind in a better place and off of the craving path. Always make sure you are getting adequate sleep, and are eating wholesome foods that will keep you more full for long periods of time so you are not always grabbing empty nutrient filled snacks. Talking to a friend via your cell phone can create happiness too, so don’t be shy to create some sunshine in your life when those waves of cravings come crashing down over you!