Weight Loss Tip #23: Practice The Rule of One

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Self control is one of the greatest components of emotional intelligence that we have power over in today’s society. Our thoughts, feelings, cravings, and actions stem from our emotions and our ability to think through processes of getting what we want (or do not). Regarding weight loss, and the ability to have self-control, and to exhibit portion control in our everyday diets, there can be many ups and downs associated. Many people feel as if their self control is one of the skills that is lacking amongst all of their other successes and strong points in their lives. There are so many distractions, temptations, and cravings that hit us multiple times a day, that we are constantly in a battle with our self-control. There are a few key principles to think about when trying to practice the rule of one, and take over your self-control that will be outlined below.

You Must Eat

Believe it or not, you must eat real foods and make sure your blood sugar is stable enough for you to function throughout the day without fog. Many times, bad decisions are made when you have gotten so hungry that any food item will do the trick. This can be dangerous, because most of the time those foods items are associated with sugars and starches, which means you must have a large serving of those sugars/starches in order to actually fill you up even the slightest. The more you eat sugar, the more you will crave it. The same goes with grease and fatty foods like potato chips and French fries. Wholesome foods will make the not so wholesome foods feel empty upon consumption after a while.

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Everyone is probably rolling their eyes at this point saying “I know, I know!” But this truly is one of the most important ways you can keep your metabolism leveled out, as well as create a little buffer room for that “one tasty treat” each day. The more you let exercise creep its way into your daily habits; the better off you will feel each day. It also is a morale booster, when you know you have the self-control and discipline to get one workout a day in (you can overcome anything!).

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Stick To The Plan

If your goal is to allow yourself one tasty treat a day, stick to that plan and do not succumb to two or three or four more. Have one treat, and then get the others out of sight. Wait for a few minutes to see if those cravings have subsided (they most likely will). If they have not, realize that a craving really only lasts for five minutes so try and distract yourself with something else in that moment in time. If the pressure is too much for your initially, do not go for any treats at all and slowly introduce them back in later on. You will realize how strong and sweet (or salty) they really are when your palate has not had them in awhile.

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Set Goals

There is nothing worse than setting a goal, only to forget about it seconds later. Try and set goals that really matter to you, and stick to them for at least 2 weeks. If you try and say no to the bag of chips sitting in front of you on Monday and Tuesday, but eat the whole entire bag on Wednesday you are only setting yourself backwards in the journey to complete your goals. Be kind to yourself, but also realistic when you are trying to set goals and adopt the rule of one into your diet!