Weight Loss Tip #28: Brush Your Teeth

I think we have all been there, having just brushed our teeth only to be tempted by a sweet or salty morsel after the fact. Many times we just walk away from that treat, because our teeth have already been brushed and we do not want to brush them again. This should be a good trick to use every day when we finish eating our meals during the day. Why not go straight to the bathroom and brush your teeth after arriving home, or after a meal so that you are not tempted to snack later on? If you work at an office, there is most likely a bathroom, so do no be shy to use it for brushing between meals. If you do not want to carry around a toothbrush, simply use mouthwash for that minty fresh feeling!

Mint usually has a way of making any food taste bad, isn’t that an ironic coincidence? The main reason we brush our teeth isn’t to avert a food crisis craving, but it is to clean our mouths from plaque and bacteria that can harbor infection and cavities. A side perk to brushing your teeth isn’t only the fact that you are reducing your chance of cavities significantly, but you will snack on unhealthy foods less often. The more you snack on unhealthy foods throughout the day, the more calories you are adding to your daily amount which in turn can form into unwanted fat if you are not burning those calories.

While it is important to snack throughout the day, make sure you are being conscious of what you are actually putting into your mouth. It is never good to let your body go hungry during a mid-day crash, as healthy calories may be essential to proper brain function. However, that snickers bar in the candy drawer at work is not going to do your body any good in the long haul, and it will make your teeth feel like they are wearing a velvet sweater by the end of the day. Yuck. It is most important to brush your teeth after dinnertime, because the nighttime boredom sets in causing us to want to overeat.

If you feel like brushing, or mouth rinsing is simply not an option for you then carry a pack of minty gum. This gum will not be as great as actually bushing your teeth, but it will make your mouth feel much cleaner, potentially causing you to turn down an unhealthy treat mid-day. Finally, don’t be afraid to wash your mouth out by simply drinking water, as it will make you feel more full and it will hydrate your entire body for the good! Good luck, and get brushing, flossing, rinsing, and swishing!

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