Weight Loss Tip #29: Eat Out Without Pigging Out

Eating out is a completely do-able option while you are dieting, but you will need to plan ahead for success. Restaurant food usually has a lot of flavor, and many times it is because of the excess oils, fats, and dressings they place on the food. There are a few simple ways to dine out, enjoy your meal, and still stick to your diet that will make your life a little bit easier! For example on average around 4 tablespoons of salad dressing are added to restaurant salads, when only one or two tablespoons will do the job. Getting your dressing on the side will save up room for other more meaningful calories, or just save you calories off of your daily amount in general.

Tips For Worry Free Dining Out

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Do Your Research

If you know ahead of time where you will be dining out, do your research on the menu and compare items before getting to the restaurant. It is more common now than ever before that restaurants have online menus to take a look at, and they can be accessed right on your smart phone. Once you have found the healthiest item that looks good to you, make the decision to order that before you even get to the restaurant. By making up your mind early, your decision when it comes time to order won’t be easily swayed to an unhealthy choice. Try and order first, so that you do not feel peer pressured into ordering something unhealthy just to fit in with the group.

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Say No To Grazing

Many times when we go to restaurants we are temped with unlimited amounts of breadbaskets or never-ending rounds of chips and salsa that only amount to unwanted fat and calories. Just try and say no all together to these items, because they can set you up for major calorie intake without even realizing it. If it seems too hard to avoid if it is sitting on the table, just ask your server to remove it from the table so that you are not temped while waiting for your meal to arrive. You will have more room in your stomach for your meal, and you won’t be overdoing it on your calories for the night, so it is a win win.

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Instead of adding a few sides to your healthy meal, just add more veggies instead. When you leave off the fries, coleslaw, potatoes, and whatever else may be offered you will have an easier time sticking to your diet. Double or even triple the amount of veggies will have you feeling great by the end of the evening, and you will be full and satisfied too!

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We all know that appetizers are great pre-meal options, but what about using the appetizer as your only meal and call it good? They are smaller in size, have less calories than a traditional meal off of the menu (usually), and they have fun and delicious options to choose from at many restaurants. Be mindful that fried appetizers are not the best option when looking to supplement your meal down in size!

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Go With Fruit

Many times the dessert tray looks more delicious than ever before, but opt in for fruit instead. You will still be satisfying your sweet tooth, and you won’t feel like rolling out of the restaurant after eating it either. Many times, a side of fruit is also a lot less expensive than your traditional desert which can range from $6.00-$12.00. If fruit doesn’t do the trick for you, whoever is ordering dessert just have a bite or two of theirs and call it good. Overdoing it on dessert when you have put so much thought into your dinner portion will only leave you feeling over stuffed when leaving the restaurant.

Whoever said eating out is not an option when dieting clearly didn’t know the tips and tricks ahead of time! If you do not have time to research the menu before you go, make a point to be decisive and confident in sticking to your diet plan when other people around you may not be making the most healthy choices. You have complete control when eating out to choose healthy options that best fit into your eating plan, so order with confidence!

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