Weight Loss Tip #30: Walk Extra Steps At Work

Many people are confined to their workspaces, and before they know it hours have past and they haven’t moved a muscle. They are so used to sitting for extended periods of time, it becomes their new normal. E-mails are sent to a colleague that could have been communicated by simply walking over to their office and telling them in person. Lunches are usually eaten at the desk you work at because you do not have time to get up and take a break, and then when you get home you are “too mentally tired” from the days thousands of thoughts to get yourself out to work up a sweat. Check out these tips and tricks for a more active day at work.

Take A Lap

When you find yourself in a mental, emotional, or physical funk at work just take a quick step back from your desk and take a quick walk. You can do a lap around the office, or even go outside and walk around the building once or twice. The simple action of getting your arms, legs, and lungs moving will do you wonders for your creativity and productivity at work. Your boss will be happy you took a quick break to get some steps in, and clear your mind. Depending on how big your office is, you could quickly rack up a couple hundred steps on your mini break.

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Take The Stairs

If you are in a situation where the fresh air is not easily accessible, the weather is bad, or you don’t have much time, why not take a few laps on the stairs to get your blood pumping, and your legs moving? This simple action will elevate your heart rate quickly, as well as uptick your steps for the day. It is really a win-win once you can get past the thought of it being “hard.” The new oxygen will be useful toward better thoughts and a more productive workday.

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Snap Out Of Your Trance

We have all experienced the trance of getting engulfed in our work to the point of losing track of many hours. By the time you know it, hours have gone by and you have not gotten out of your seat once. While the focus is great, it would be better for your creativity to set an alarm on your phone that prompts you to get up and move around each hour even if it is just around your small office space for a few moments. This does take a little more thinking, and planning but will benefit you down the road when you hit your daily steps with ease.

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Park Farther Away

In the colder weather months (depending on where you live) this one may seem hard, but it will be great for your health long term. By parking your vehicle a little farther away, as it creates the accountability to give yourself more time in the morning to get to work and walk in with ease. Have you ever felt like you were rushing to get into the parking spot, and into the office with hardly anytime to enjoy those last few moments of walking outside? I know I have been there, and parking farther away would eliminate that immediately.

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Use Your Lunch Break When Possible

Many times, people skip their lunch breaks due to the fact that their schedule is overly packed. Why not schedule a lunch walk with a colleague, time allowing? You will get some fresh air, and have a chance to catch up with someone in your office that maybe you have just been e-mailing with the last few weeks. You can always eat at the park too, if you want to walk to the nearest park and eat lunch there it is a nice break from the office. Or simply wait until you get back to the office to enjoy your food, as long as you are getting out and moving. Getting those extra steps in at lunch will make you feel refreshed and ready to take on the afternoon with a fresh mind!

Any of these options will suffice as you go throughout you work week, just make a conscious effort to incorporate movement into your daily work routine for a more fresh and creative mind. Mix it up daily, so that you do not get stuck in a rut with your activities so you look forward to them each day. Lastly, grab a friend or colleague to join your new movement regime, and you all will be reaping the benefits together.

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