Weight Loss Tip #32: Bring Lunch To Work

Most of us out there are all too familiar with the daily grind of not being organized enough to bring lunch for yourself to work each day. From the busy day you had, to the night you want to spend relaxing, packing a lunch might not be on the top of your to-do list. Where the preparation really starts, is when you get your groceries for the week not the night before your workday. By bringing lunch to work, you are practicing portion control and healthy eating habits instead of just defaulting to eating a high calorie over priced meal that will only leave you feeling sluggish. When you pack your own lunch, you are giving yourself more time in your day (on your lunch break) to really take a break and rest your mind from the day’s business.

Start by laying out your lunch the night before, so that you can just grab it and go on your way out the door in the morning. Keep it simple, and doable. There is no need to go overboard when trying to pack lunches for the week, just make sure you get enough fuel so you are not grabbing for junk food later on in the middle of your afternoon. Pack food you are actually going to want to eat, versus foods that won’t excite you when you are hungry and ready to fuel up.

Be Realistic

We are all aware of the cost that comes with eating out every day so set a realistic budget for yourself each week, if you must eat out. You don’t have to become a prisoner to eating lunch in all of the time, but it is a good habit to get into a couple days a week. The other days, you can eat out but be mindful of your calorie consumption and portion sizes! There are some easy lunches out there to easily pack that will have you feeling excited about bringing lunch to work and saving money each week.

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Get Creative

Not so boring salads at that. You do not have to eat salad and feel bland about it, instead get creative with your salad choices by getting a chopped salad kit at the store and adding in various toppings like avocados, seeds, and dried berries. You will get the perfect amount of healthy fats, fibers, and proteins to keep you going strong throughout the whole afternoon.

Sandwiches do not have to be subject to turkey and cheese, why nor bring a turkey, pickle, and potato sandwich? Well, I might be getting a little crazy here, but the idea is to pack something exciting that you will look forward to eating. If you want to make it easier on yourself, simply cook a little more for dinner each night and bring that extra serving as a left over for your lunch option.

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Reap The Benefits

The amount of money you will be saving each month could be in the hundreds, as restaurant prices are inflated for obvious reasons. The hundreds you pocket each month will not only save you money but it will save you hundreds of calories as well. Your waistline, and the overall feeling of your body will thank you! While it is still good to be social with your co-workers, keep in mind eating out every day can be very costly to both your waistline and wallet.

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