Weight Loss Tip #33: Improve Treadmill Technique

Running on a treadmill can seem like a daunting task for some, then again for others it might be their outlet of stress relief. Whatever avenue you are approaching the treadmill from, it is always important to have good understanding of the workout you will be completing, as well as proper technique when running on the machine. There are a variety of reasons why you could find yourself on a treadmill, whether it be travel, weather interruptions or a change of pace, gear your mind up for a great workout! For the most part, treadmills are very safe, because there is no uneven terrain or barking dogs about to break through a fence. See the list of running techniques on a treadmill that will have you on your way to an enjoyable and safe treadmill workout!

Dress Right

Running inside is very different than running outdoors in the elements, meaning you do not want to overdress. If you are too hot during your treadmill workout, it will not be very enjoyable for you. I would not advise to wear any long sleeve shirts, or pants that are too insulated. You will more than likely be sweating, so wear sweat wicking fabrics and breathable material.

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Bring a small water bottle that will be easily accessible from the treadmill, so you can stay hydrated throughout your entire workout. It is not good to get on and off a treadmill to grab water, because it can cause dizziness and increase your risk of falling. Always try and be as safe as possible when using a machine indoors like a treadmill especially if you are near mirrors.

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Know Your Speed

It is not safe to get on a treadmill and crank it up to the fastest speed right away, for many reasons! Get yourself warmed up at a walking pace, and gradually increase as your body allows. The general rule of thumb is to walk for a few minutes, and then increase slowly to a job for a few more minutes. Once you are around 6-7 minutes you should be feeling warmed up and ready to start your workout at a quicker pace.

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Climb A Hill

On many treadmills today, there is a setting that can raise the machine up to make you feel like you are climbing a hill. Don’t shy away from this setting, because it can do a lot of good in a short amount of time for fat loss and increased heart rate! Once you are all warmed up, check your pace and your time every half-mile. When you feel it is time, move the treadmill from flat to elevated and reap the benefits!

At the end of the day, everyone knows their personal capabilities and should not undershoot potential, or potentially overdo it causing physical harm. Listen to your body and practice good form. If you find yourself having to grab the rails on the side of the treadmill, you may be going a little too fast. Slow it down a touch, and get back to your workout at a consistent and safe pace!

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