Weight Loss Tip #4: Sniff A Banana

Our minds play a huge role in the ability to lose and gain weight. For example, your mind can talk your body into eating an extra large pizza in one sitting and feel sick afterward because you were full long before the pizza was finished. Or it can talk your body into not indulging in that delectable piece of chocolate cake at your kid’s friends birthday party. Cravings are real, and they do make a huge impact on our everyday ability to eat healthy and live a life of control. There are many different foods you can actually just smell, and they will reduce down your cravings almost instantly.


Bananas are a sweet neutral food that you can smell, and almost instantly feel the cravings go away.* When simply taking a smell of a banana your cravings will reduce, helping you to eat less and lose weight.

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Peppermint also has the same effect on the brain as the banana does, as it is a rather strong but neutral odor. Upon sniffing peppermint, your brain will not trigger a signal to make your body want to consume more food.*

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Just like peppermint, vanilla is a very neutral yet pleasant odor that balances out the brain, and its ability to crave certain foods. It will not cause you to have cravings of unhealthy foods such as pizza, and doughnuts.* It is nice to have vanilla aroma in your home for a peaceful and balanced atmosphere.

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Green Apples

Similar to bananas, green apples give off a sweet neutral scent that can stop cravings right in their tracks. Smelling, not eating apples will most definitely help reduce your cravings down, and help you stay on track with your meals for the day.*

Because sense of smell is crucial to our eating habits, this study makes complete sense. If you were to get a whiff of chocolate, your body is going to immediately crave it which may set you back. On the flip side, if you smell bananas, or green apples it has the complete reverse effect on your brain. Either way, what your body can sense or smell also links to what it thinks it is going to eat. Next time you have the urge to indulge in an unhealthy food choice, try and find of these sweet neutral products listed above to help reduce your cravings and help you to lose weight in the long term.

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