Weight Loss Tip #40: Be Physically Active

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Exercise can be difficult for people all around the world, and it has a lot to do with the way it is approached daily. Exercise is something that you can control in your mind each and everyday. When you tell yourself to exercise because you love your body not because you hate your body, the mindset will shift significantly. When there is constantly a negative stigma around exercising, mentally it will be hard to want to go out and get your workout in. There are so many great benefits of sweating once a day, and they are only positive for your body and mind. Getting your health and wellness back on track starts with making the commitment to sweat and get moving. That initial decision will be the hardest part of the workout, and your body will feel better when it is completed!

Many times exercise is used to punish yourself for eating something you shouldn’t have, or the right to eat more. This thought process will set up a negative relationship with exercise that will only do more harm than good. Instead, exercise because you want to feel good and stay healthy!

Benefits Of Exercise

It is true, exercise controls weight because you are burning calories that could have just stayed in your system. While, we know that this is true it shouldn’t be used as a bribe for food or lack thereof. If you do not have time to get a workout in each day, focus on small chunks of time to stay moving and use bodyweight exercises to get the blood pumping. Take the stairs at work, or even do some laps around the office when you feel too sedentary. These small actions will build up overtime, and get your body feeling more energized.

It has been said that exercise combats disease and health issues down the road. Whether it be heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or metabolic syndrome there are many life threatening illnesses and diseases than can be prevented with exercise. On top of enhancing your long-term health, you are also doing yourself a favor in the mood department. I don’t know about you, but there have been times where I just want to get out and blow off some steam with a workout. Guess what? It works! When you exercise you are stimulating many different brain chemicals that leave you feeling more relaxed and happy.

Finally you may feel like you don’t even have enough energy to get out and exercise, but the toughest part is just dragging yourself to the gym. Once you get moving, and get a sweat going that energy will naturally come, and it will leave you feeling more rejuvenated even after you leave. Your muscular endurance and your lung capacity will get stronger as the days go on, and you will no longer be feeling winded at the grocery store. Daily movement will help you build a healthy base to move forward with for days, months, and years to come.

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To Wrap Up

While it may feel like you have a mountain to climb when it comes to exercising, you do not have to conquer everything in one day. Take it one day at a time, and make the commitment to just show up to your workout daily. If you get yourself into a rhythm and routine you will be feeling more energized and healthy in no time. Your body will instantly feel better, and you will no longer look at exercising as a punishment for overeating or a right of passage to eat more calories. Start one step at a time, and get a friend to join you for extra support!