Weight Loss Tip #43 Order Kids’ Portions

Weight Loss Tip #43 Order Kids’ Portions
Weight Loss Tip #43 Order Kids’ Portions

I’m sorry if this comes across as rather silly, but ordering off of the kids menu every once and awhile, or simply eating children’s portions may be good for you. The dreaded “For 12-years and under” label above any kids menu is something that should be changed immediately. Many times, the adult portion sizes are just way too big at restaurants, and they are more expensive too. Kids plates have much simpler ingredients as well as healthier add ons. Many times people wonder if it is even ethical to eat off of the kid’s menu, and I am here to say that it is okay for the customer to choose what their portion size, and meal cost should be! It is your money, time, and body so don’t let the evil eye of the waitress with only her tip in mind deter you from ordering what is best for you.

The Rules

With that being said, there are rules regarding being kind about it and simply asking before you order. Many waiters/waitresses will be willing to let you order off of the kid’s menu if you explain you are trying to eat smaller portions. The takeaway box is always an option too, but many dieters see eating out as a “treat” and they don’t want to take their diner food home with them for an additional treat. Sometimes, just eating a smaller portion and leaving with no take out boxes can be good for your health too.

Keep an Open Mind

On a similar front, many times people who are ordering off of the kids menu may come across as “cheap” so I wouldn’t get into a habit of ordering from that menu all of the time. Always approach the situation with an open mind, and realize there are people who will find offense to this, and there are others who will not. It all boils down to doing what is right for you and your body, which may be to order smaller portion sizes every once and a while. Be mindful that the waiter/waitress might tack on a few dollars to make it seem more reasonable that a grown adult is ordering off of the kids menu, and so be it.

All About Portion Control

Kids portions are small and they should be less expensive when it comes down to it. Whether you are dining in or dining out keep in mind that you can still enjoy some of your favorite foods, but you do not need to eat adult portions in the process. There is a time and a place to order a full priced, full sized meal and it may not be every single time you dine out. Do what is best for your body and your budget, and be generous with your tips because being a waiter is no easy task! Finally, try eating on smaller plates as it can trick your mind into thinking you are eating more when you are really eating less! There are so many tips and tricks to utilize when looking into portion control, so get creative in the process.


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