Weight Loss Tip #44 Eat Fruits and Veggies In Season

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As soon as the weather changes, the types of fruits and veggies that are in season change too. There is nothing better than biting into a juicy nectarine when it is in season, then on the same spectrum there is nothing worse than biting into a peach that has absolutely no flavor due to it being out of season. Indulging in produce that is fresh and in season will make your meals taste so much better overall, so check out the list of fruits and veggies that are in season today! To see a complete list of what is in season by time of year, click here.

In season produce just tastes better overall, and they are also much more nutritious for you. The risk of contracting overseas contamination also significantly decreases when you are eating in season too! There are so many pure benefits that will do a body and mind good in the long run, as well as meals tasting better than ever on the plate!

Benefits To Fresh Produce

When a piece of fruit is nourished on the vine, you better believe the amount of flavor that is awaiting you is off the charts. Remember, chilling any fruit that is in season will dramatically reduce the flavor!  The antioxidants, vitamin C, carotene, and fiber will be so much more rich when you take a bite of a fresh piece of fruit/veggie versus one that has been sitting in a warehouse or greenhouse for too long.

Another perk to eating fruits and veggies in season, is the cost! When a farmer has harvested a large amount of produce to sell, naturally the cost will lower. When it has been harvested near your home, additional costs for transportation, production, and storage costs just won’t be present. Eating local not only supports your farmers, but it is also so much cheaper in the long run. To see a list of places to buy local, and support your cities own farmers go here.

Finally, when you eat veggies and fruits in season you are cutting down on the eco footprint by excluding the demand for transportation and storage. While these costs will still be happening, the less you purchase out of season, the less you will be contributing to the cause. In turn you will be supporting local farmers, less hot houses, less refrigeration costs, and fresher food on the table for you and your family!