Weight Loss Tip #5: Watch Weekends

Alas, Friday is here and we are gearing up for the weekend. More often than not, we day dream of relaxing weekends with no major schedule so we can be refreshed for the upcoming week. This may include going out to eat with friends, or having a BBQ in the backyard. Or it even may include going to a movie, and indulging in the buttery goodness of the popcorn and let’s not forget the soda pop to wash it down with. If you are feeling really free and full of energy it may be a fun time to hit the town and grab drinks with friends and maybe a little dancing. All of these activities are wonderful, and essential to adding proper balance to your life but they all have one thing in common. Calories.

Most people are willing to eat more calories on the weekend, and there is no rhyme or reason behind their logic. There are too many activities to participate in and too many people to socialize with not to indulge yourself in more than you actually need. Many times people feel like they are dieting all of the time, when in reality they are only dieting Monday through Friday and sometimes-just Monday through Thursday. The problem lies in beverages especially; as many drinks are loaded with empty calories you may not be aware you are taking in.

There are a few things you can do to avoid the weekend plague of overeating, and feeling sluggish come Monday morning. The worst one is what I will start with: Wake up near the same time you do during the weekdays. This keeps your body regulated, and doesn’t mess your eating schedule up. Don’t forget to eat breakfast in the morning, as it can have a huge effect on your ability to lose weight and take in less calories throughout the course of the day. Get a little sweat going on a Saturday and your whole day will open up and you will feel great! Skip drinking too much on the weekends, as it only adds empty calories to your diet and makes you feel much worse than you would if you were just sipping on water.

As stated above, there is nothing wrong with being social and going out with friends but don’t make it an every weekend occurrence, as it will impact your waistline. If possible, keep a log of each weekend in the month to track how you have done in the calorie department. If you don’t keep track, it may be hard to really grasp what you are doing on the weekends as many times they become jam packed. I know my weekends seem to fly by, and I had to stop and recap everything I did and it takes some serious thought! There are so many other ways to get out an be social that don’t involve over eating and drinking so be active, and stay healthy!

To Read The Study Done By The University of North Carolina click here.

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