Weight Loss Tip #51 Skinny Jeans


Skinny Jeans have been increasing in popularity over the years in the fashion world, and there is no sign of it stopping anytime soon. We have all marveled over that pair of pants we soon hope to fit into someday, but don’t put them on due to fear of them not fitting. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to be let down, but it might be a good idea to get those jeans and start working toward your goal one pant leg at a time! Why not try them on for size on a Friday?  The weekends tend to lead to more slip-ups than during your normal week. The moment you fit into those jeans, you will be so happy and proud of yourself. There are a few rules to take into consideration, and I will talk about them below.

Be Realistic

When you are looking to buy clothing for motivation, or you have saved an item from your closet that is so teeny tiny there is no way you will be getting into them, why go through the pain? Be realistic about your current body, and the goals you want to achieve, and go from there. Putting a pair of jeans on that is 8 sizes too small will not be a good motivator. Make sure the jeans can button up, and then set your goals from that point on. When the jeans went from fitting “snug” to a little lose you will know that progress is being made.

Be Ok With Set Backs

Water weight fluctuates all of the time, so do not use a pair of jeans as the end all be all to your weight loss journey. There are some days I feel perfectly normal, and then other days where I feel extremely bloated and “full of water.” This is easily fixable, and it shouldn’t be the sole factor on how your weight loss goals are being hit. Be confident about trying on that tighter pair of skinny jeans, and use it as a motivator to move forward and become a better version of yourself!


Life is too short not to celebrate the little wins. There will be times you will not be proud of yourself (that is life), but there will also be times where you hit your goals and achieve what you set out for. Always celebrate your little wins throughout the journey, and it will make you appreciate and love yourself more. By purchasing that pair of skinny jeans, you will not only be proud of yourself when they fit just right but it will also give you the confidence to set and achieve other goals in your life!

No matter what clothing item you are striving to fit into, make it a personal goal to always give yourself grace, but be firm when setting your goals. Friday’s are great days to try on those garments, as it will keep you accountable over the weekend! Enjoy the journey, and don’t forget to love yourself in the process!


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