Weight Loss Tip #52 Go Out For Treats

Weight Loss Tip #52 Go Out For Treats
Weight Loss Tip #52 Go Out For Treats

That little candy bowl in the kitchen, or those left over sweets from the holidays linger in the pantry and take over every last bit of our self-control. Having sweets in the house (or any treats for that matter) can be dangerous to your diet routine. The harder it is to get your hands on those yummy morsels, the better off your body will feel in the long run. When you have to leave your home to go indulge in those treats, it will really feel like a special occasion. Your consumption of those treats will naturally diminish as it can be a real hassle to grab treats out of the way, all of the time.

When it comes down to it, we really just need to get into the routine of making healthier food choices more often than we make bad food choices. With this simple ratio, it will set you up for success and less treats!

What Are Treats?

I have gotten in the worst nightly routines at times when I always have to have something sweet after dinner. This turns an “occasional treat” into something that is expected. When something is expected each night, it then turns into a demand at the grocery store. See how this can become a slippery slope? Treats are meant to be enjoyed every once and a while, which is why they should not be renting space in your home.

Unhealthy Vs. Healthy

Remind yourself that there are only two types of food really, unhealthy and healthy. You can either choose to consume your diet with wholesome foods or you can eat cheaply made and ultra processed foods (aka- unhealthy foods). There is no gray area here, and that is where the occasional treats fall into play.

Non-Food Related Rewards

Finally, I feel this topic is extremely important and it has to do with rewarding yourself with food. We all have done it, and are guilty of it in some fashion but it is not helping us in the long run! Treats are simple little indulgences that make life so sweet and enjoyable, but they should not govern your behavior. Nor should they govern kids behavior (as this is a trait that follows them to adulthood). Reward yourself with different enticers that make you happy, like a trip to the mall or a new class you have always wanted to try. This puts you in the driver seat to taking back your health and wellness, and still getting a reward too without any guilt!


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