Weight Loss Tip #54 Thermostat

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Reading Time: 2 minutesAre you a fan of chilly households, and bedrooms? If so, you are in luck because studies have shown that if you keep your home around 61 degrees Fahrenheit your body will boost its fat burning power 15 fold! Did you know that our body’s store brown fat and white fat? The brown fat is meant to burn calories while generating heat, and it has been said that most lean people store more brown fat that white fat. Brown fat helps us burn, and not store calories, which is why it has become the most popular fat out there today. (1). Brown fat derives from muscle tissue, and it is most dominantly found in both animals and newborns which makes a lot of sense! But how do we as adults get more brown fat in our bodies? Exercise can help the white shift to brown, getting enough sleep, and finally lowering the temperature in your home all can help with that shift from pesky white to glorious brown.

Cool Down Your Home

By cooling down your home by a few degrees, your body will naturally have to adjust to generating heat by burning more brown fat. When more brown fat is burned, white fat gets recruited and turned into brown fat for more storage. This is good, and not bad in the long run when looking to lose weight! I am not saying to turn off your heat in the middle of winter, so be careful how low you go for the scare of frozen pipes, and other headaches like that. But do be aware of how high your thermostat is set in your home, as the body is smart and needs to generate heat naturally somehow!

The Telegraph wrote a brilliant article about burning body fat with cooler temperatures and said, “Experts claim that because we spend so much of our time indoors, often in overheated homes and offices, are bodies do not naturally burn calories to keep warm.” (2).

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You don’t have to keep your home at 61 degrees Fahrenheit all the time, but a few hours a day is recommended to rev up your metabolic rate every single day without having to even think about it! If you are worried about your heating bill going up and down thus costing you more money each month, lower your Thermostat to something manageable yet still chilled and keep it there until you feel like elevating it once again. There is nothing wrong with a little experiment in your home to make you feel more rejuvenated refreshed each day!