Weight Loss Tip #6: Eat Most Of Your Calories Before Noon

When looking at your day of activities, try and get the most calories in before noon. It is better to eat earlier rather than later, as you will have many more opportunities to burn those eaten calories off before bedtime. Everyone has heard the statement, eat breakfast and understands the importance of getting your metabolism kick started earlier rather than later and your appetite curbed right off the bat. Many times however, it is most beneficial to not just eat breakfast but a large breakfast!

Typically when people say, “I’m just not a breakfast person,” I think to myself, why? Your body has been starving itself for the last 10-12 hours as you slept and needs to be refueled immediately. They can go from not eating since dinner all the way to lunch the next day, but immediately get their bodies into a viscous cycle of eating too much, too late. This is where many people struggle with weight gain issues, and many times is starts by skipping caloric intake in the morning hours.

When you front-load your calories in the morning, you are setting your body to be full throughout the afternoon. Many times people do not indulge is such large dinners, as their bodies really don’t need to calorie bomb to begin with due to their sustainability in their meals from the hours before.

Lunch is one of the hardest meals to eat because you are short on nutritious options that are filling enough to last you, but not so heavy you want to fall asleep in the middle of the afternoon. When you eat a larger breakfast or indulge in snacks primarily until noon, lunch won’t be such a make or break moment.

It really just comes down to getting into a habit to eat a healthy and sustainable breakfast. Whether it be a hearty shake filled with proper vitamins, minerals, and proteins or an actual meal that you need to wake up 20 minutes earlier to prepare, it will be worth it. Skimping on the most important meal of the day may cause you headaches and struggles in the weight loss area.

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