Weight Loss Tip #7: Don’t Eat With Large Groups

Eating in large groups is always fun, and there is definitely nothing wrong with it every once and a while. It can however inhibit your weight loss journey if you choose to eat in large groups frequently. When you eat in large groups a few things can happen that do not go directly into your favor. One of those things is getting persuaded to lose the salad for a side of fries and people will help you share them. Certain situations like this get overlooked all too often, but they do make a difference in your weight loss journey taking a step forward to taking three steps backward.

When eating out in large groups, it is more of a social setting versus a “fuel your body” setting. A lot of times, choices you wouldn’t normally make get compromised for the risk of trying to just fit in with the group you are in. As stated above, there is nothing wrong with being social and having friends together at meals, but don’t throw your diet completely out the window when dining in situations like these. The more people are in the group, the longer your orders will take to come to your table. With more time can potentially come more appetizers, and the famous “More bread please.” This alone can eat up half of your calories for the day without even getting your meal! The longer you are at the table, the more calories you are going to consume.

When going out with friends be subtle about your eating choices if you are self conscious about being on a diet. Or if you have a close friend in the group, have them keep you accountable in your food and beverage choices. The more time you spend talking the less time you will spend grabbing more bread!

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