Weight Loss Tip #2: Dress For Success

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One of the first things you will do each day is choose what you are going to wear. While this may seem like an everyday run of the mill mundane task, it really can effect you in more ways than you think. What you wear can influence your decision making, your negotiating skills, affect your heart rate levels, and even affect your hormonal levels. Sounds crazy right? This simple task of getting dressed in the morning can affect your entire day of communication as well as body levels whether you realize it or not, so it is important to dress for success.

By simply wearing an outfit that is flattering on your body, or makes you look more professional you will increase your cognitive kills, as well as pick up a few compliments along the way. Those are nice for the ego, right? The more creative you are at work or at home, the more you will feel at power to make decisions that not only affect your own life but also the lives of your family members, friends, or co-workers. This sense of power, and freedom can do wonders for your self esteem and your productivity throughout the day.

Dress For Success

The workplace is a huge place to make an impression on your co-workers, bosses, and clients so why not dress to impress. Many times you will hear the quote, dress for the job you want to have instead of the one you already have. If you are looking toward a promotion or are working your way up to a promotion try and dress the part. Your negotiating skills, as well as your professionalism in the office will not go unnoticed.

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If you are dieting, what better reward than looking your best? You are doing the hard work by losing stubborn weight, now it is time to pick an outfit that flatters you and our new body. You will pick up more compliments than you ever have before, and you will feel good about yourself deep down where it counts!

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Color Choices

Color choices are as important as the clothing itself. When picking dominating and bold colors such as reds, and bright blues you are telling the world you are confident about how you look, and many people don’t judge you based off of that confidence. There have been multiple studies done on professors who wore red sneakers to lectures, and their audience was much more engaged and willing to listen to the professor as he had broken the social norms and seemed uncharacteristically confident with his shoe choice. The same goes for a bright tie, or a flashy dress. You will not just blend in, but you will stand out in a crowd as a confident “go-getter” type of person.

No matter what your choice of dress, we all subconsciously judge one another based off of the clothing they wear, and the outward appearances whether good or bad. Are you nails trimmed, breath fresh, clothing pressed, and shoes shined? Next time you want to feel your best, try and look it too!

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