Weight Loss Tip #3: Yogurt Helps With Weight Loss

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There is always a lot of talk around yogurt, and the benefits (or lack thereof) when consuming it. As you already know, it is best to stay away from high sugared, sweetened, and high fat yogurt as these will only set you back in your weight loss journey. We are talking about a nice light, low fat yogurt to help boost your weight loss journey in the right direction. There are a variety of options to choose from when you are at the grocery store shopping, just make sure they have live and active cultures as these bacterias are healthy for your gut and contain probiotics.

Yogurt has been said to help with the burning of fat due to the calcium content you are getting when you eat yogurt. Along with the absorption of  healthy calcium, you are also getting that clean bacteria in your system which allows your body to better fight off food borne illnesses such as salmonella. Be sure to check the label for the words “live and active cultures” as this is the one big reason yogurt is actually good for you in the first place.

Which Yogurt Do I Buy?

When you are at the grocery store, you are flooded with choices in the yogurt department. Some are much better than others, as there are sprinkles and sugar filled granola options to choose from. It is best to choose a low fat, plain yogurt due to the fact that a lot of added sugar comes with the flavors offered. To give it a little more flavor simply add some fresh fruit or honey on top and mix it in. There is nothing better than natural sugars on top of your yogurt!

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The Power Of Protein

Yogurt is also essential because it is packed with healthy protein for the body to function on. In one cup of yogurt you can get anywhere from 8-13 grams per serving. This is a great boost when you are feeling like you need a small snack during the day. When you are getting protein, you are slowing down the digestion in your body to hold off that feeling of hunger for the next meal. The more you add to your yogurt the less effective it becomes. Candy, certain processed granolas, and sprinkles are going to be frowned upon, as they only add calories and provide more added sugars that the body does not need.

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To Wrap Up

Don’t believe the lies that calcium will only make you fat, because it is wrong! There have been multiple studies done on high calcium foods, and their ability to breakdown fat and level out the metabolism. It will help your waistline in the long run, but take the advice above and invest in the right type of yogurt. Stay away from added sugar, and high fat yogurts as this will only set you back on your weight loss journey. Search for live and active cultures, and reap the benefits that yogurt has to offer your body!

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