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Beyond Diet is a weight loss program founded in 2008 by Isabel De Los Rios, and they are based out of Vermont. This company focuses on educating people on what they should and shouldn’t eat based on their body type. The company sells programs that come with meal plans, fat burning recipes, shopping lists, tools, and support groups. This is a subscriber style business, so you will be paying an activation fee, subscription fee, and anytime you want additional tools you will pay extra for those as well. There is a $47.00 charge involved in getting set up with the Beyond Diet community, and then you are pressured to get the add ons (detox book, recipes etc.). Based on our connection to information online, I would not spend money on information that is already available to you free of charge.

When you call into their support line expect the following:

  • Monotone voice on the other side reading off a script
  • Trying to upsell you on additional products
  • Pushy to get you to sign up on the phone

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Beyond Diet?

On the Beyond Diet website there are obviously only positive reviews from customers. The reviews did not seem that detailed, and the before and after pictures were not that much different sadly. The pictures were blurry and hard to see, which made it hard to get an actual review from the site. The founder herself claims that she only cooks with organic food, and recommends that all of her clients do as well. This can get expensive for some, but the quality is definitely proven to be better for individuals all around. This is an elimination food program, which teaches people to cut out foods that are not good for them.

I do not see why you wouldn’t lose weight, with or without using the Beyond Diet program. There have also been reports of the quality of the health book being “vague” and a waste of money for the purchaser. Much of the information is already online, which is why many people are simply bypassing their opportunity to spend money with this company. Finally, there is no real evidence on the website that their program is truly scientifically backed. While they state, “The Beyond Diet principles are supported by 700+ studies published in credible, peer-reviewed scientific journals, because our passion is helping people become success stories - without health risks and without long term side effects” there is nothing more to be seen regarding articles written, or interviews with doctors.

Is the Beyond Diet Easy to Follow?

I am scratching my head to why people are spending nearly $50 dollars for motivational messages, tips, and recipes when they are right at your fingertips for free. This program complicates the health and education aspect for many people. You are given DVD’s, a large guide, and motivational messages each day. After time, this would get annoying and would seem redundant when trying to lose weight. While they do not explain to you how to go about using the tools provided on the website, you are given the tools at least. Because this program mainly focuses on eliminating the bad foods from your diet there have naturally been side effects reported.

Some Side Effects from the Beyond Diet:

  • Feeling nauseous due to lack of sugar and breads
  • Feeling shaky
  • Feeling withdrawal symptoms such as irritability


When looking into their support systems and social media outlet there were a large number of followers, but little involvement with the followers. Facebook likes can be purchased, which has me guessing that this took place if you compare their Facebook crowd to their other social media accounts.

While you can order some old copies of the beyond diet book on Amazon, the customer reviews are horrible. The bulk of ordering happens directly on the website, as you sign up for a subscription each year. The reviews outside of the website are less than 2 star ratings, which has me unsettled. This program does not do a good job of promoting the brand outside of their own website which makes it seem like a scam. To sum it up, the bulk of the information provided by Beyond Diet is mere common sense, and did not satisfy. The lack of recipes the main book provided was a huge let down to 99% of the readers. It is simple, eat healthy, eliminate processed foods and sugar, and buy organic. You do not need to sign up for a monthly subscription for this information.

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  • Laura

    Beyond Diet is not working for me. I have completed 3 weeks on the Protein plan and I’m completely frustrated. My husband thinks I’ve been scammed. I’ve put so much effort in, reading the entire book/s, researching via the forums when I have questions, learning and purchasing the recommended foods and their classifications, etc., shopping several times a week (and spending twice as much as usually spend on groceries), documenting everything daily (food, exercise and health), testing recipes, and more. I have lost basically zero pounds – which is completely demotivating. Maybe it’s only designed to work for those with a lot of weight to lose? Not sure, but what I am sure of is Beyond Diet does not work for me. I have about 15-20 pounds to lose and testing this diet out has put me behind about 4 weeks. I’m pretty ticked off actually because of the time and resources wasted.

    • Amanda Steels

      That is how I feel too. I am glad I am not the only one. I have about 15 pounds to lose before mid March and was hoping this would be it. It really is not as healthy as I though it would be. Cheese, bread etc is allowed which I don’t think is a way to lose weight. Was hopeful though…

  • Jessica Loper

    I have seen so many adds from Beyond Diet, that I have decided to research a little more since it sounded like something different from all the other diets I have tried. Sadly, this looks more like a marketing tool to make you buy more stuff.

  • yi

    HI there,

    My husband just paid money to buy your program. But he is not happy the program after paid the money $120. I have tried to reached you. But you keep sending us back the same email and asked us to call a number which is not exist. It will be nice if you could someone could call us or please give us a online chat link. Because we need our money back. The program completely is not worthy the money. PLEASE CONTACT ME.

  • Lynnette

    Does anyone know what is the best way to contact them to get the refund?

    • consumerscompare

      Hi Lynnette, you can contact them via e-mail or call them toll free number 1-800-815-1941.

      • Michele Santos-Lewris

        Unfortunately, they don’t respond when they hear you want a refund. I have contacted them by phone and email and they just keep giving me the run around telling me to give it more time. I stated, that I wanted a refund and it was ignored. Please don’t promote this scam.

      • Colleen

        I have tried this number multiple times. I either get a busy signal or it puts me on hold for 15 minutes than hangs up on me. I have also emailed multiple times. I am very disappointed in their customer service.

    • Michele Santos-Lewris

      Good luck! I have been calling them for over a week. They don’t return your call and you can only leave a message. I’ve emailed them FOUR times and they just give me the run around and have NOT refunded my money. It’s clearly a scam. A reputable company would refund your money. Taking this to the Better Business Bureau and posting where ever I can.

    • yi

      we have trouble to get back money too. they keep sending us the same email and told us to call a number is not exist. then i read their consumer review, people say this is a scam. I wonder how can we get back money. very likely.=(

      • Kenda

        Contact your credit card company

  • Terri Biedebach

    $47 is just to access the site. All other books are a seperate cost.The advertising technique is shady I would not recommend this sort of business.

  • Melinda Carols

    What Beyond Diet does is simply explains the common knowledge of diet and exercise. I have tried many diets and jumped on this one thinking “well, this might be something completely new and might jump start my weight loss!”Wrong!!!! There was nothing in the book that I already did not know. Their newsletters are extremely annoying and so hyped up that I had to unsubscribe after just one week. Save your money and maybe go have a healthy lunch instead.

  • Brooke Mullner

    They have the most annoying adds and they are EVERYWHERE!!! I feel like if a company has to work this hard to get into people’s faces it might not have much to offer otherwise.


    Buyer Beware!!! I signed up for this “one time” charge of 47$ for a
    “lifetime” membership. It is actually is a yearly charge. Also they keep
    offering these stupid
    add-ons and when you try to click “decline
    offer” it still upgrades your order. Truly frustrating. So I ended up
    paying over $150 and had no response to my e-mails. Tried calling like
    at least 6 times before I got to someone. They refunded my money within a
    few days.

  • Melissa

    Besides some recipes it really doesn’t provide more information than I already knew. Yes, we all know do not eat crap but that is not as easy as that

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  • Serrah Saradarian Baboujian

    How come no one answer my phone calls? What gives you the right to take money off my account without my permission… Shame on you

    • Michele Santos-Lewris

      Exactly!! They did the same thing to me and others. IT’S A SCAM!

  • ddc4289

    It is very punishing, and even though I’ve lost 12 pounds in two weeks, if you make a small mistake at the dinner table, the scale screams at you in the morning. Also you must exercise in conjunction with this or any other diet.

  • Babs Phillips

    This review is completely wrong and biased. I’ve been a member for a month and have never felt restricted or hungry, plus I never have cravings or desires to eat what I used to. We don’t eat according to our body type…that’s ridiculous and couldn’t be more incorrect…we eat according to our METABOLISM type. So until you actually learn what this is ACTUALLY about, you can’t give it such an incorrect review. We avoid sugar except for natural sugars (as in fruit) and processed foods, and we eat as much organically grown produce and grass fed, organic meats as possible as available in whatever area you live in. I dropped 8 pounds in 3 weeks just by getting away from the unhealthy, processed foods and by giving my body the nutrients it needs. This is NOT a diet…it’s a principle…give your body the nutrients it needs and it responds by losing weight and changing for the better. A lot of members say they can’t eat all the food their allowed…that it’s too much.

    • ricknick59

      Come back and talk to people after you have been on it for 8 months or so. As it is now you sound like one of those people that are easily brain washed! You believe in Elron Hubbard as well? Goose step to you morning meal? Sounds like you do!

      • Boosmom96

        Ricknick59 could you please explain why you trash the people who seem to like this plan, but offer no reason for your comments.

        • ricknick59

          Because she is trashing someone that didn’t like a diet plan and sounds like a cult member or a liberal. She has not been on the diet long enough to be making those comments. And why do I have to explain anything to you! Are you not smart enough to figure it out for yourself or are you another diet plan cult member?

          • Herb Montgomery

            Liberal?? You sound like an angry fat-butt there Rick……

          • ricknick59

            And you have to be some old fart with his head so far up his butt he needs an extra glass of prune juice in the morning just to pull it out in the morning for a breath of fresh air! Herb must be short for herbicide, explains the toxicness of your breath. Or do they just call you butt breath for short?

          • Herb Montgomery

            Thanks for making my case that you’re a bit angry there, Ricky. I’ve already had a brisk walk this morning; I’d suggest you do the same. Sounds as though you are a tad low on endorphins.

          • ricknick59

            If making your case is stating facts about you then you are welcome! Naw, just a bit fed up of morons! But don’t worry nature has a way of thinning you people out!

          • Herb Montgomery

            You should look up the words fact and slander; they have different meanings. You might also think about some medical help with your anger issues. The Beyond Diet seems a bit overpriced and over hyped for what you get, but that’s my opinion only. WW and a brisk daily walk has so far worked for me. YMMV

        • Connie Bunn

          I thought the same thing. What a Dick! Pun intended.

      • Maddy

        It’s L. Ron Hubbard.

        • ricknick59

          Not sure what you have been snorting but you do know that comet isn’t good for you! It will burn out what little is left of your brain! WAIT! Maybe you never really had a brain! That explains it. Never mind then!

  • Triedtrue

    Very disappointed in beyond diet. I thought I would have good information and diet choices that might help. What I got was looooooooooooong articles full of blather (longwinded but providing no helpful information) and a blizzard of emails with links to looooooooooooooooong articles full of blather and offers of over-priced food products. The diet plan itself is typical, outdated and uninspired. This website should be re-named “never gets beyond being just another diet.”

  • Joanna

    Would not provide a refund when I complained that I couldn’t get the foods they recommended.

    • Babs Phillips

      That’s not true, Joanna. They aren’t like that. I challenge your comment and don’t believe it’s true.

      • ricknick59

        How do you know? Were you there when she called? You sound just like a brain washed zombie! Did you buy swamp land in Florida as well and swear it was a great investment? Probed by aliens maybe? Because that is exactly how you sound!

        • anothermother2011


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