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How the Beyond Diet Works

The Beyond Diet was developed by Isabel De Los Rios, who is the owner of the New Body in New Jersey. Her diet plan is meant to be more of a way to learn what foods should and shouldn’t be eaten according to your body type.

The Beyond Diet is not unlike other diets that allow you to eat foods according to your body type. The first step is to find what your body type is. This is determined by answering a series of questions. Once you figure your body type you are introduced to the foods that should work best to help you lose weight.

The diet also comes with a guide of sorts and list many recommendations. For example, you are supposed to consume half your body weight in ounces of water each day. Additionally, you begin to learn proper food portioning which is also aimed at helping you lose weight.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Beyond Diet?

The Beyond Diet usually sees the most amount of weight loss success in the first few weeks. The reason is simple; it restricts foods. While it is important to eat a well balanced diet, the Beyond Diet does end up restricting certain foods and food groups according to your body type. This means the tendency to crave certain restricted foods will be great and might lead to cheating. This would impact weight loss severely and could even add to your weight in the long run.

Is the Beyond Diet Easy to Follow?

The Beyond Diet does have you ease into your dietary changes so in that regard it is easy to follow. However, the idea that you have to totally cut out certain types of foods permanently from your diet might be something you find hard to swallow. Cravings often kill weight loss success and unless you have unwavering willpower, you might have a hard time following the Beyond Diet long-term.


Eating the right foods according to your body type makes sense, but in reality you should eat all the right foods regardless of your body type. So, you already know this information without having to pay the $47 fee that is required to join the Beyond Diet community.

In addition, the diet calls for organic foods to be eaten as much as possible. This is certainly a good thing, but can also be costly and inconvenient. Organic foods almost always cost a great deal more than their non-organic counterparts and sometimes require you to special order foods or find specialty stores that might not be near you.

The Beyond Diet also gives no guidance to exercise. It does recommend some programs, but those too come at an additional cost. So, the Beyond Diet might be the diet for you, but only if you can give up certain foods you love forever and have plenty of money to spare.

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  • Joanna

    Would not provide a refund when I complained that I couldn’t get the foods they recommended.

    • Babs Phillips

      That’s not true, Joanna. They aren’t like that. I challenge your comment and don’t believe it’s true.

      • ricknick59

        How do you know? Were you there when she called? You sound just like a brain washed zombie! Did you buy swamp land in Florida as well and swear it was a great investment? Probed by aliens maybe? Because that is exactly how you sound!

        • anothermother2011


  • Triedtrue

    Very disappointed in beyond diet. I thought I would have good information and diet choices that might help. What I got was looooooooooooong articles full of blather (longwinded but providing no helpful information) and a blizzard of emails with links to looooooooooooooooong articles full of blather and offers of over-priced food products. The diet plan itself is typical, outdated and uninspired. This website should be re-named “never gets beyond being just another diet.”

    • Babs Phillips

      Triedtrue, did you join the website? Because if you didn’t, you didn’t have access to the wealth of information that will transform your life. Sounds like you already had a preconceived idea of what you wanted and were determined not to make the changes you need to. Kinda sounds like you’re too lazy to make a commitment.

      • ricknick59

        That is not very nice or helpful! You sound like someone that belong to the Jim Jones church that was criticizing someone for not belonging! Just another brain washed follower. I hear the same rhetoric from the other weight watching groups as well. Trying being more constructive next time in your criticism and you will find people more open to listening to what you have to say instead of thinking of you as nothing more than another brain washed follower!

  • Healthier

    I love the beyond diet and don’t find that I have been restricted from any food types however I was already gluten free. The first two weeks I lost 4kgs (nearly 9Ibs pounds) with a slower but gradual and constant loss after that. I love their meal plans and the fact that you don’t have to buy specific food like you do on Weight Watchers is a bonus. It’s not a quick fix program, it’s about changing your food habits for life. Might not work for everyone but it works for me.

  • Babs Phillips

    This review is completely wrong and biased. I’ve been a member for a month and have never felt restricted or hungry, plus I never have cravings or desires to eat what I used to. We don’t eat according to our body type…that’s ridiculous and couldn’t be more incorrect…we eat according to our METABOLISM type. So until you actually learn what this is ACTUALLY about, you can’t give it such an incorrect review. We avoid sugar except for natural sugars (as in fruit) and processed foods, and we eat as much organically grown produce and grass fed, organic meats as possible as available in whatever area you live in. I dropped 8 pounds in 3 weeks just by getting away from the unhealthy, processed foods and by giving my body the nutrients it needs. This is NOT a diet…it’s a principle…give your body the nutrients it needs and it responds by losing weight and changing for the better. A lot of members say they can’t eat all the food their allowed…that it’s too much.

    • ricknick59

      Come back and talk to people after you have been on it for 8 months or so. As it is now you sound like one of those people that are easily brain washed! You believe in Elron Hubbard as well? Goose step to you morning meal? Sounds like you do!

      • Boosmom96

        Ricknick59 could you please explain why you trash the people who seem to like this plan, but offer no reason for your comments.

        • ricknick59

          Because she is trashing someone that didn’t like a diet plan and sounds like a cult member or a liberal. She has not been on the diet long enough to be making those comments. And why do I have to explain anything to you! Are you not smart enough to figure it out for yourself or are you another diet plan cult member?

        • Connie Bunn

          I thought the same thing. What a Dick! Pun intended.

  • Nina Turner

    This site ratings diets based on how much money those diets are willing to invest on a good review, and not by a diet’s actual value.
    That is exactly why “Pure Slim 1000″ used to have a 2-star rating with a similar video to the one Beyond Diet has right now just a few months back, and now it has 5. The program remained the same, only difference is that the Pure Slim guys offered this website more money for a good review, so they turned their negative review into a very good one, the best one on the site even.
    I wouldn’t trust any review from this site, there is nothing but money deals behind any of their claims.

  • ddc4289

    It is very punishing, and even though I’ve lost 12 pounds in two weeks, if you make a small mistake at the dinner table, the scale screams at you in the morning. Also you must exercise in conjunction with this or any other diet.

  • Serrah Saradarian Baboujian

    How come no one answer my phone calls? What gives you the right to take money off my account without my permission… Shame on you

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