1234 Diet Drops Review

1234 Diet Drops are developed by Creative Bioscience, and they are made here in the United States. There are four main phases in the 1234 diet drops diet. The drops are meant to be taken alongside of a 1,200 calorie diet, and they provide some sample menus on their website.* While this all sounds great, they do not give you any insight to what is inside the drops when you make your purchase. This is always a red flag in my book because it is always nice to see what you are putting into your body, so the fact that they do not provide this information has me worried from the start. One nice thing is the support number they provide to the customer, which is: 877-744-1224. The customer service line was easy to get ahold of, and they answered my questions without any hesitation or confusion.

After some digging, I was able to figure out what their “secret formulation” is and it less than impressive.


Water, Alcohol, L-Ornithine, L-Carnitine, L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, Maca root extract, Niacin, Pygeum Africanum, Beta-alanine, Rhodiola rosea root, and Astragalus.

You Can Choose From A 3-Week Program Or A 6-Week Program:

 3 Week Program
Phase 1: Taking the 1234 Diet Drops (Days 1 – 2)

  • Phase 2: Starting the Low Calorie Diet (Days 3 – 21)
  • Phase 3: Stabilization (Days 22 – 43)
  • Phase 4: Keeping Your Weight Off (Days 43 – Forever)

6 Week Program
Phase 1: Taking the 1234 Diet Drops (Days 1 – 2)

  • Phase 2: Starting the Low Calorie Diet (Days 3 – 42)
  • Phase 3: Stabilization (Days 43 – 64)
  • Phase 4: Keeping Your Weight Off (Days 64 – Forever)

“Be sure to take ten drops, three times per day, for a total of 30 drops. Once in the morning, 30 minutes before lunch, and then again 30 minutes before dinner.”* There are examples of the daily diet how to’s and example menu plans here.

First off, this is a lot of drops to be taking throughout the day, and I don’t know about you but this is a very time consuming process to have to think about all day long.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On 1234 Diet Drops?

Some of the users have said if you can stomach the drops, keep your calorie count low, and stay near a bathroom, you may see some weight come off. The drops are not known to be side effect free by any means however. They offer options to choose from 500, 800, and 1,200-calorie option plans, which has me questioning their judgment about health and weight loss as a company. Anything under 1,000 calories is not going to be good for your body in the long term, and it will not help you keep the weight off. The main consensus from the customer base is that the 1234 drops taste horrible, burn under your tongue, and do not provide results right away. Some people followed the 500-calorie plan, and didn’t see a single pound come off for two weeks! Bummer. The good news about all of this is the price is $27.00 for three bottles on Amazon, which is really cheap. But then again, you get what you pay for.

T. David  said, “I would have to say that I was very disappointed using these drops. I had used these drops before and they worked great. I lost the weight with ease. Since they changed the name it seem like they changed the formula also because I followed the diet to a T and it just did not work for me at all.” 

Vquinn said, “The only thing good about this product, was that it arrived almost a week earlier than expected. Other than that, not worth it. I have been taking these drops for over a month and have not lost a single pound. I have been following a low calorie diet and that has not helped.” This disappointed customer also said that they thought the drops were supposed to curb your appetite but instead they are doing just the opposite. They have two full unopened bottles that are just sitting, and trying like mad to get some sort of refund.

Tiffany Davis said, “I would give this no stars but it makes you. They should have a statement in bold on the product description that this has been known to cause Cancer! It has a large sticker on all 3 boxes with the statement but no where in the product description.” She also went onto say that you should do your research before you actually buy this product, because she is not sure how it is even legal to be sold to the public.

Is 1234 Diet Drops Easy To Follow?

The taste of the drops have been said to taste super bitter, which does not make for an easy time while on the diet (due to how many times you have to take the drops).* Also, the amount of time you have to take the drops is a large inconvenience for many, as you have to let the drops sit under for tongue for a whole minute (burn) in between each session. They provide about 10-15 recipes per category which does help the dieter, but I was not able to see an approved foods list anywhere on the site which could get confusing to the dieter up front. Side effects include hunger and headaches ironically, even though the drops are said to “curb” your appetite.


While 1234 Diet Drops program seems like it is good from first glance, there are many holes in the companies business such as a solid diet plan, and the overall taste of the drops that you are going to be taking everyday. Their social media presence is almost nonexistent, and they do not offer adequate support to their customer. Many customers in general have just been plain disappointed with the drops, making them a waste of time and money. The price is cheap, which many people like but then again you are going to get what you pay for! There were not enough success stories from dieters taking the product to make this a reputable product. If you want to take a shot in the dark at these diet drops, beware of their sour taste and their blurry diet plan included to follow.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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*Individual results will vary.

  • Debbie Minke

    You need to do your research. Your article is false. There is nothing cheap about this diet and if you are eating 500 calories for any amount of time, you are bound to lose weight. Who ever told you this, they are not being honest. I started using HCG in 2012 when it was the true hormone, the FDA took it off the market claiming it had no results to follow, pfffttttt….they sold HCG out to a bunch of grubby companies that wanted to make a synthetic and make tons of money. Either way… I continued to use the HCG. I lost 25 lbs in the first 2 weeks. In less than 3 months, I lost 70 lbs and that was 4 years ago. If the diet is followed correctly with out cheating, you are on the drops for 3 weeks, off 3 weeks, you will easily lose between 25 and 40 lbs in the 3 weeks on the diet with the drops. The 3 weeks off, you continue the diet, without the drops. HCG will burn fat where you want it too, in all the difficult places, butt, hips, thighs, BELLY. It wont however eat up your bust line. Dr. Stein developed this diet in the 1950’s. If you are interested in trying this, I would strongly suggest you research it, read up on it and follow it to a T. You will lose weight, a lot of weight!!!

    • Shannon

      Debbie, Which drops do you use?

      • Debbie Minke

        HCG 1234 Diet Drops. The same as shown in this article.

    • Joanne Springer

      I hope you are correct. I received my drops in the mail today. I plan to follow it closely. I’ll let you know if and how it helped me.

      • Debbie Minke

        Joanne, make sure you read the research done by Dr. Stein first. There are restrictions and regulations to follow to be successful with this diet ie: do not use grease or oils on your body, lotions, makeup etc. Your body absorbs everything anyway it needs too when it thinks you are ” starving” 2 Grammy Smith Apple’s a day are imparitive, add is colon cleansing and get a hunger suppressant that works. Bio science sells an excellent appetite suppressant called EVA1234 or EVC1234. You can get it through Wal-Mart. Com cheaper than anywhere and it is an excellent product. Do not skip your 2 days of fat intake, this is beneficial to your start. Eat bacon, chocolate, sweets, salty, it whatever your heart desires. This is a must do. Be sure you are drinking 50% of your body weight in ounces of water every day. You want to flush the fat as you are burning it. Good luck with this, If you stick to it, I know you will be thrilled with your results. I sure have been… for years. Keep me updated on your success.

        • consumerscompare

          Dear Debbie, thank you for your comment and for sharing your experience, it helps our readers when people are willing to share their own experience and provide useful tips.

      • Debbie Minke

        eAc1234 is the name Joanne…..sorry about that! I had to come home and look at my bottle to know for sure what is is.

      • consumerscompare

        Hi Joanne, we wold love to hear about your experience with this program.

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