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20/20 Diet Review 2020 - Rip-Off or Worth To Try? Here is Why..

20/20 Diet Review
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Reading Time: 3 minutesThe 20/20 Diet Book was created by the famous Dr. Phil in 2015. This diet aims to allow the dieter only to be allowed to eat the 20 power foods that are rather hard for your body to break down (hence burning more calories to digest them). Believe it or not this was one of the top diet trends on Google just last year, but does it live up to all of the hype?*

20/20 Diet Phases:

Phase 1: The Five-Day Boost which will allow only the 20/20 foods. These foods are: green tea, coconut oil, mustard, almonds, olive oil, chickpeas, apples, prunes, dried plums, leafy greens, lentils, peanut butter, yogurt, eggs, raisins, cod, tofu, rye, and whey protein powder. During this phase you are supposed to have four meals four hours apart.

Phase 2: This phase is called the “five-day sustain” and it is meant to allow you to add in foods outside the 20/20 list such as tuna, chicken breasts, brown rice, carrots, and tomatoes. You must have at least two 20/20 items during this second phase in every meal or snack.

Phase 3: “The 20-Day Attain” Phase is very similar to above but it lasts for 20-days and you are allowed a few cheat days (no more than 100 calories). During this phase on top of the already allowed foods you can add in avocados, mushrooms, raspberries, black beans, spinach, and quinoa.

Phase 4: “The Management Phase” is meant to be started once you have hit your goal weight from the other phases. If you have not hit your goal weight it is best to go back to phase 2 or 3 until starting phase 4. This phase is a lifestyle phase meant to see you through to healthy life changes.

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Do Dieters Lose Weight On The 20/20 Diet?

The diet eliminates sugar and refined foods, so it will help you lose weight initially. The hardest part about the diet is sticking to the rigid choices and recipes four times a day, without going insane. The recipes in phase one are said to be very limited, and the book itself is said to be a bit wordy at times. Overall there was a good mix of people who saw nothing, or very little weight loss to those who liked the book, saw success and were pleased with the changes to their diet.

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Is The 20/20 Diet Easy To Follow?

Anytime you have a set number of meals you must eat, as well as the timing of those meals and the restriction of foods it will be hard. There is a lot of meal planning and prepping involved with this diet, which also makes it hard to follow. Being healthy and active does not come with a deadline, so making it the most realistic to stick to long term as you can will serve you well in the future. There is no end dates to health and wellness! This diet is very specific and demands a lot out of the customer, so just be ready to be committed if you go on a diet such as this.

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This is another Dr. Phil hype, and just another way for him to make more cash in my opinion. Sure there are valid points in the book, just like many other weight loss books, but there are also a lot of common sense chapters that borred people to death. This is one of those run of the mill diet ideas that can leave you very frustrated about your weight loss journey if you don’t follow it correctly. There is no scientific evidence or even clinical trials to show effectiveness of this specific diet that could be found. The book will cost around $20.00 which is not a lot, but you have to put in the time and energy of reading the book and meal prepping before you may see any progress! Good luck.

7.5 Total Score
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