4 Day Diet Review

4 Day Diet Review



Update: May 21, 2019

While you might think so by looking at the title, the 4 Day Diet is not a diet that lasts only for four days. Rather is a diet that is comprised of seven modules that each last four days. So, the diet itself takes about a month to implement. Each module has the dieter doing different things with both diet and exercise.

The seven modules that the 4 Day Diet is based on include the introduction, the transition, the protein stretch, the smooth, the push, the pace, and the vigorous. Each stage is covered in depth in the book. They are comprised of different foods as the author, Dr. Ian Smith, says that keeps the body’s metabolism guessing and therefore keeps it in high gear. There are not many studies done to prove this as effective.*

In similar fashion, the exercising is constantly changing as well. Each segment comes with specific exercise suggestions that are designed to match the module and the foods that are being eaten. There again, everyone doesn’t need the same exercise routine.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the 4 Day Diet?

If followed to the letter, dieters can expect to lose weight in the short-term on the 4 Day Diet. This will mostly be due to restricting your body of certain foods and food groups. In turn, this will mean your caloric intake will be greatly reduced. The addition, daily exercise will surely help weight loss as well. However, any weight loss will be short lived and hard to maintain in the long run unless you can stay disciplined and follow similar eating patterns and exercise habits as you did when on the actual 28 day program. It is completely hit and miss when it comes to consistent weight loss.

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Is the 4 Day Diet Easy to Follow?

The 4 Day Diet does keep it fresh as far as the foods you are to eat. That isn’t necessarily a good thing, due to it being short lived. There is only one segment where you can have some of the foods that might be considered your favorites and if you do not stick to the foods that are assigned to each module then your weight loss progress can be easily slowed or even entirely halted.

For many, this type of diet is too regimented. While variety is a good thing to have, when there is no consistency, too many changes (variety) can be detrimental. Furthermore, the 4 Day Diet only lists foods that can be eaten with each module and is void of any real meal planning.

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The 4 Day Diet book itself will cost you $24.95, but for many that cost will only yield confusion. Even though the idea behind changes to foods and exercises sound like they would be wonderful, they simply won’t appeal to the masses as many who are seeking weight loss want something a bit more structured than the 4 Day Diet. This is a very temporary fix, yielding little results.

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