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The 4 Hour Body Review 2019 - Rip-Off or Worth To Try? Here is Why..

The 4 Hour Body Review
Reading Time: 4 minutesThe 4 Hour Body is a weight loss book that was published in 2010 by author Timothy Ferriss. Many know Ferriss from his previous books such as The 4 Hour Work Week, and The 4 Hour Chef. Many of his books include 4 hours, as he believes you can learn anything in that amount of time including how to lose weight. The claims on the front cover are very zealous, “An uncommon guide to rapid fat loss, incredible sex, and becoming superhuman.”*

Timothy believes that all humans can reach their genetic potential in just 6 months time, and only run on 2 hours of sleep per night. Finally he claims in the book that you can lose more fat than a marathoner just by binge eating alone, which sounds overly confident if you ask me.* All of his books have been published in 30 different languages worldwide, and have made impacts on people young and old for years. Tim Ferriss himself spent over a decade researching, monitoring, and taking note of his mental progress whether that be physical or emotional. To get into contact with Timothy just isn’t going to happen. He makes it very clear that there are too many e-mails coming in from people than he knows what to do with. See it here.

Do Dieters Lose Weight With The 4 Hour Body Diet?

There were a large number of people who said that the book was a great read, but not earth shattering by any means (as we all knew). Tim Ferriss uses himself as a guinea pig, and example for all of the readers which makes the book entertaining to say the least. There were some readers that just remained skeptical the entire time, as the large claims may have rubbed some the wrong way. There we no real side effects noted from going through this program, since it is a book and you decide how you want to follow it.

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Is The 4 Hour Body Diet Easy To Follow?

No, not really and here is why: you have to read the book and apply all of the points made from over a decade of research into your own life to see anything happen. This is a tough task to do for anyone; I don’t care who you are. There is absolutely no scientifically evidence or any hint of research proven to say this actually works if you apply it. The chapters are broken down like this:

Chapter 1: Fundamentals First and Foremost- This chapter describes how to do the bare minimum and still see the results you want.

Chapter 2: Getting Started and Swaraj- This chapter speaks a lot about Gandhi and his visions and philosophies with some of those being you are the captain of your ship mantra.

Chapter 3: Subtracting Fat- Tim goes into the main principles for getting rid of fat which includes not drinking your calories, stop eating white foods, do not eat fruit, and eat the same meals each day. He then goes into details about how you can binge on holidays and weekends and not get fat. He emphasizes keeping your blood sugar even at all times.

Chapter 4: Adding Muscle- He speaks about how to build the perfect posterior when looking to add muscle and lose fat. He also goes into detail about how you can gain weight in just 1 month’s time with just muscle.

Chapter 5: Improving Sex- This is the chapter that has people skeptical. He speaks of his own personal story about how to perfect the 15-minute female orgasm.

Chapter 6: Perfecting Sleep: Sleep focus, room temperature, sleep position, and a high protein and fat meal will do the trick to getting you to bed quicker. Manipulating the REM cycle, and taking frequent 20 minute naps each day will achieve less sleep and more time apparently.

Chapter 7: Reversing Injuries: Tim took a mixture of chemicals that cost him $10,000 that supposedly cured all of his permanent injuries. Honestly though, who has the time and money for that?

Chapter 8: Running Faster and Farther: In this chapter there is a NFL combine scout named Joe DeFranco who worked with Ferriss on many different shoulder, arms, and body swing techniques that allowed him to run faster and farther in just 12 weeks time.

Chapter 9: Getting Stronger: He speaks about constantly training no matter the time, as well as stretching and getting stronger in the weight room.

Chapter 10: From Swinging to Swimming: in this chapter he learns how to swim effortlessly and swing a baseball bat.

Chapter 11: Longer and Better Life: This is the mental part of the chapter, which goes into detail about donating blood each day and taking creatine.

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This book is rather obnoxious to many people, and yet to others it is their saving grace. The chapter on sex just doesn’t fit into the book at all, and the suggestions about going to foreign countries for medical help to reverse injuries does not seem that smart or attainable for most in my own personal opinion. All in all, the book offers good points about eating healthy and allowing your body a binge day as well as consistent time exercising. The part on sleep just will not work for everyone (who has time to take frequent 20-minute naps all day? I sure don’t.) Many of us also don’t have the resources or money to be trained by NFL scouts either. I just think this book was more for Timothy Ferriss, than his actual customer base. Read it and interpret it however you wish, as some people loved it and some people abhorred it.

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