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5 Keto Snacks That Are Filling And Will Keep You In Ketosis! 2019 - Rip-Off or Worth To Try? Here is Why..

5 Keto Snacks That Are Filling And Will Keep You In Ketosis!
Reading Time: 2 minutesThe Ketogenic Diet, as with any diet, is much simpler to follow when you have snacks on hand. Whether homemade or store bought (if they follow the Keto approved food list , there are quite a bit to choose from. Below is a list that consists of 5 keto friendly snacks for your whole family to enjoy!

Homemade Keto Flaxseed Crackers

Flaxseeds are known for their ability to heighten energy levels and assisting the body into fat-dependency mode. Keeping your body in the mode of depending on fat rather than carbs is the goal here, to achieve ketosis that is. These flaxseed crackers only require 5 ingredients and are about 133 calories per serving. You can access the recipe here.

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Keto French Fries

These keto french fries are made of rutabaga. A rutabaga is a root that is very similar to a potato in texture though it has a much lower starch content. Therefore you can make it mashed, steamed, boiled, etc. A serving of these rutabaga french fries are about 110 calories and only require 5 ingredients. Get the recipe here.

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Keto Cheese Chips

The keto cheese chips are exactly what they sound like, baked crispy cheese to satisfy those crunch cravings. Not only are these keto cheese chips Keto friendly, but they are gluten-free as well. These are the best replacement for potato chips and can be used as snacks in themselves, great for dipping, and very simple to make. There are 77 calories in each serving of cheese crisps and just 5 simple ingredients! For the full recipe visit here.

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Keto Superfood Meatballs

When following a Ketogenic Diet it is advised that you focus on eating high fat and low carb foods, leaving many to assume that protein should be consumed minimally. However, that is not the case with these superfood meatballs. These are made of healthy ingredients that are considered much better for you than your usual meatball. There are 323 calories in each serving, get the recipe here.

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Keto Deviled Eggs

Keto Deviled Eggs not only make for a great appetizer, but a go-to snack to have available. Using green tobasco sauce is the trick to these deviled eggs as the lime and lemon that is usually used, are high in carbs. The recipe only calls for 4 ingredients and are about 178 calories per serving (2 deviled eggs halves). Check out the recipe here.