52 Weight Loss Missions Review

52 Weight Loss Missions Review


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Updated on Aug 08, 2019

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The 52 Weight Loss Missions Diet is more of an overall approach to losing weight as opposed to a crash diet or other type of calorie restrictive diet. The plan was created by life coach Michele Connolly who maintains that by following the 52 missions set forth in the plan, anyone can effectively lose weight and keep it off in the long-term.

Each mission that is outlined in the 52 Weight Loss Missions Diet is to be done at each participant’s own pace. While there is no official time limit, Connolly suggests completing at least one mission per week. At that pace, the 52 Weight Loss Missions Diet would take a year to fully implement.

Each mission in the 52 Weight Loss Missions Diet has to be completed in order for maximum efficiency. The 52 Weight Loss Missions Diet covers all aspects of weight loss including diet, exercise, and even mental attitude, though some in greater detail than others.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the 52 Weight Loss Missions Diet?

Dieters that take to the 52 Weight Loss Missions Diet whole heartedly will likely lose at least some weight. The 52 Weight Loss Missions Diet is a plan of action that is meant to have each participant totally overhaul their way of life. So, someone that has never eaten the right way before in their life would likely have success if they can stick to the game plan and complete all 52 missions.

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Is the 52 Weight Loss Missions Diet Easy to Follow?

The 52 Weight Loss Missions Diet is a well thought out plan of attack for changing one’s lifestyle. However, the success of each individual would depend greatly on how much dedication is given to completing the missions.

Furthermore, while the 52 Weight Loss Missions Diet does cover a great deal, it does not give detailed meal plans or exercise plans. Instead, the 52 Weight Loss Missions Diet calls for each participant to plan out their own meals and exercises in accordance to what the missions teach. So, this plan of attack is not a good one for those who are looking for a more pre-planned approach.

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The 52 Weight Loss Missions Diet costs $79 and is a carefully constructed plan that can help individuals shift the way in which they live. However, because there is no timeline that is given and because some of the 52 missions might be harder to accomplish than others, the likelihood of a person with a weak resolve dropping the plan after a few weeks is great. The fee that is charged does come with 52-weeks of online support, but after that a participant would be on their own, which might prove to be too hard for some.

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